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USPS to Resume Delivery to Canada

Canada Post resumes operations
After twelve days of strikes, mail frustrations, and tens of millions of dollars in business losses, the Canada Post re-opens its doors, allowing mail between the USPS and Canada to continue.  Following a 58-hour long debate, The House of Commons passed Bill C-6, a Back to Work bill, in An Act to provide for the resumption and continuation of postal services. This bill summoned the locked out employees to resume to their positions, ending the June 14th lockout of roughly 50,000 postal workers.

From the USPS official website; “Canada Post reports exchange offices are now open and are accepting inbound international mail. Canada Post also has resumed dispatching outbound international mail”.  Thankfully, businesses and customers who have been impacted by these strikes will begin to receive mail again today.

Although the bill has passed, the workers in Canada are still not satisfied, “The government is clearly willing to side with employers to grind down wages and working conditions,” CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers) National President Denis Lemelin said in a statement.  With dissatisfied employees at the Canada Post still unhappy with their predicament, USPS might expect to see this lockout happening again in the future. “I could see this getting more confrontational going forward,” British Columbia Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair told CBC news. “Workers didn’t join unions to go backwards.”

For now, we hope this news will be of much relief to our neighbors to the north as it is to us.   All packages that we had on hold due to the strike, have shipped out today.  We hope to continue providing fast, inexpensive and reliable service to our Canadian customers. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during these interruptions, and are working as quickly as possible to continue to do everything we can to provide our exceptional service regardless of the delays caused between USPS and the Canada Post.

One thought on “USPS to Resume Delivery to Canada

  1. Charlie June

    Wow! Thank you for such an informative, clear, and well stated letter. I am glad to know my packages are being delivered in spite of this conundrum.
    Humbly, Charlie

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