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Traveling: 3 Pocket Neck Wallet vs Backpack

Hey guys, this is Ernie Widdlestein from Specialist ID. I recently brought this black 3-pocket neck wallet, part number, 1860-2501¬†with me on a road trip through Florida, North Carolina, and New Orleans with some friends of mine and we all fell in love with it. Measuring in at 6″ X 5″ overall, the neck wallet’s minimalistic design was so convenient and comfortable to carry along the streets that I felt bad for my friends hauling around their bulky backpacks like foot soldiers. Turns out they did too, because they were all inspired to order their own as soon as we returned from our journey.

Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m being paranoid or just a safety nut, but when I’m traveling I like to keep my most important items right in front of me for two reasons. It’s the best way to protect your stuff because you can keep a close eye on when it’s easily visible hanging around your neck, and because it’s easy to reach all my things at any given moment. I messed around with the 41″ adjustable cord for a few minutes, raising and lowering the height of the neck wallet’s loop around me till I figured out the perfect height just below my chest and then I was ready to go.

Three pockets was surprisingly enough all I needed for my journey. The front of the wallet provides a 4″ X 3″ clear vinyl pocket which I used to store my ID, credit card, thumbnail drive, and an emergency $20 bill. Every time I found myself caught in the rain I thanked the clear vinyl pocket for keeping those items safe from water damage. In the fold over velcro pocket I was able to fit my moleskin notebook, iPod nano, coins, mints, a money clip, matches, and a swiss army pocket knife. I used the back pocket to store some guitar pics and business cards from the memorable places we went and to remember the wonderful people I met along the way.

Of all the things I carried, I was surprised to find the two pen compartment was the most valuable. There were so many times someone needed a pen to jot something down and the trusty two pen compartment come to the rescue over and over again. Having two pens at all times was a luxury I admit I overlooked before this neck wallet opened my eyes. When I got back I threw off all my stuff and laughed because my shoes were battered and bruised, but my black 3-pocket credential with a pen compartment and adjustable cord still looked shiny, fresh and new.

If you have any experience, questions, or concerns with this neck wallet, leave a message below or call us toll free: 1-800-380-6726. We love hearing from you. Check out our video below to see this black neck wallet in action and click here to see all of our neck wallets.

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