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The Chuck Norris of Badge Reels

AKA ChuckI have to admit, at first glance the 2120-3300 Black Chrome Heavy-Duty Badge Reel w/ a Belt Clip Reel looked like it was just a regular badge reel, but I was startled to discover this was more like the Chuck Norris of badge reels, the one from the 1970’s when he was in his kung fu prime, taking on Bruce Lee and being all bad while looking like a regular old joe just waiting for a cup of coffee. So when Patrick suggested I test it out on my heavy set of keys I was surprised to see how effortlessly it seemed to retract into itself even with all five of my keys securely fastened to the Reel’s clear reinforced vinyl strap because of it’s 6 oz of retraction force.  I knew right there in that moment that the 2120-3300 could pack a punch, a real Chuck Norris punch, and once again, experience reminded not to ever judge a book by its cover.

Besides delivering life lessons, I’ve especially been taking a liking to this black/chrome reel because they can take quite the licking as well. I’m always dropping things on floors, banging around walls, and that’s usually how I end up gauging the strength of the badge reels we bring into our store, but one time I had this particular badge reel fastened on my belt via its sturdy belt clip when I took a pretty nasty spill sliding around on my skateboard and I landed dead center on the reel with so much force it sounded like a snare drum had just entered the room and reminded me of those dreadful afternoons I spent as a teenager in my high school marching band. Judging by the sound of  it alone, I would’ve bet any amount of money it had smashed into pieces, but to my surprise, after I brushed myself off, it didn’t even have a single scratch on it.

Nowadays when I need to test the strength of our reels, I measure it up against this one to see how well they’ll match up, and most of the time this black/chrome badge reel comes out on top. Although this round reel was made to handle a physically demanding work environment and usually I’ll suggest it to people working in construction or law enforcement, it’s worth mentioning that its black color does give it a sleek and professional look that’s also great for an office setting. Besides, all badge reels are especially handy for swiping Photo ID Cards through readers, and this one’s no exception. With a rugged nylon cord that extends to 24″ in length delivering a nice and smooth pull, it’ll give most people more than enough room for their everyday tasks and necessities, and rating of 100,ooo pulls, it can last them for a more than a long time. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave us a message below and we’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience. If you’re interested in checking out the other Heavy-Duty Badge Reels we have in stock, click here.

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