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The Best Promotional Lanyards for Events

2137-50xx-4On any given day we’ll receive a frantic phone call or desperate email from a stressed out event planner who, after browsing our online store for our contact information, needs 500 promotional lanyards for an event three days away and wants our personal recommendation.

The neck lanyards we’ll suggest to them is always the premium breakaway lanyard with a metal swivel hook. Thousands of businesses, entrepreneurs, schools and restaurants have made these premium breakaway lanyards the best selling lanyards in our store. They’re simply the best promotional lanyards for events.

We think that lanyards shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for durability, yet too many brands offer one value over the other when they should be on the same team. Because if the product is great and actually worth selling to people, you should be able to get both. Between the safety breakaway feature, the dozen beautiful colors available, and the silver plated metal swivel hook, these premium ID badge holders offer enough value to even sell themselves.

If you’d like to learn why, then continue reading below for more information.

The premium breakaway lanyard features 36″ of high quality 3/8″ flat braided thread that feels smooth and light yet won’t fall apart as fast as other lanyards. The metal swivel hook can be attached to any sized slot punched photo ID or key rings and rotate in a 360 degree direction. The lanyard will hang your ID badge in the center of your torso around the belly button area, and can be removed by either withdrawing it from over your head, or using it’s plastic breakaway feature to tug on the lanyard with a enough pressure to snap it apart.

The breakaway action is an extremely important safety feature that should not be overlooked when researching your prospective lanyard, especially if children are involved. Lanyards are divided by either Breakaway vs Non-Breakaway qualities. The breakaway feature provides your lanyard with the ability to snap apart when under pressure, and is essentially a life saving function that is required in schools and highly recommended for people operating heavy machinery, because it minimizes the dangers associated with becoming choked or snagged. We cannot stress the importance of choosing a breakaway lanyard.

We are currently stocked with plenty of colors available for your choosing, including black, forest green, green, maroon, navy blue, orange, purple, red, royal blue, teal, white, and yellow. Customers mostly choose the colors which either represent their job, school, favorite sports team, club, or state, but you can also always just choose your favorite color! Feel free to mix and match as well if you would like to change your lanyard colors too.

If you’re interested in one of these and have any questions you’d like answered before you make your decision, leave us a message below! Check out our video of Patrick showing you how to use one of these in our youtube demonstration.


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