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Rigidwear Clear Vertical 2-Card Badge Holder, 1840-6560 by Specialist ID

This Rigidwear Clear Vertical 2-Card Badge Holder 1840-1650 is made out of a super strong polycarbonate material that’s great for protecting two standard credit card sized ID’s at a time. It comes with a slot on the back for either a lanyard or a badge reel to slip through and displays the ID card vertically. With a lanyard it will hang at chest level, and with a badge reel it can be clipped to a belt loop or any loose article of clothing. Because it’s clear and see through it’s easy to read the ID cards inside, making it a popular choice for people working in security, hospitals, or anywhere that requires workers to visibly display their identification at all times.

The Rigidwear 2-card badge holder is easy to use, just slide in a standard credit card sized photo ID card into the front of the 1840-6560, and then slide the another one in the back. Once they’re in the holder you dont have to worry about it falling out, because its a tight fit. You can take them out independently too, it’s just a matter of using your thumb to slide the card out. 

Check out our youtube video below to see it in action. Did you find all the information you were looking for? Any questions or comments? Please share your experience with this badge holder or leave us any questions below.

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