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Reflective Yellow Armband ID Badge Holder-R504-ARNY

Armbadge Holders from Specialist IDHey everyone, this is Mike F from Specialist ID here to tell you all about one of our newest additions to our family of armbadge holders; a reflective yellow arm band ID badge holder-R504-ARNY. Although armband ID badge holders are usually the first choice for people working in airports, construction workers, we have found that even skiers and snowboarders can use them for carrying  lift tickets and season passes.  Many other outdoor and/or physical activities where lanyards and badge reels would be inconvenient, make this a particularly nice alternative.  We brought this item in as it was specifically requested by an officer from the department of correctional safety training, who discovered that breakaway lanyards could still be used as weapons if fallen into the wrong hands. So if you work in a prison or a mental institution please pay close attention as to why this safety officer is trying to make armband badge holders the required badge holder in all correctional facilities.

This safety officer explained that an inmate with bad intentions could still easily use a breakaway lanyard as a weapon to strangle an officer even though the breakaway feature was designed to prevent choking. All they would need to do is sneak up behind the officer and pull the lanyard apart where the breakaway clip is and use the lanyard to wrap around their victims’ neck and apply enough force to use it as a weapon to strangle them.  Although we are very familiar with breakaway lanyards and all of the products in our store, we were shocked to find out that they could be used like this. If you’d like to keep reading about the benefits of this R504-ARNY and why this correctional safety training officer trusts our armband badge holders safety and quality, please continue reading and I will do my best to explain the benefits of the arm band badge holder.

Besides the safety features provided, it’s also convenient for airport workers and other facilities where metal detectors are used, as this item has a no metal construction allowing you to pass through the detectors without removing your badge and holder. This ID holder is also the most nonintrusive way to carry an ID card because instead of hanging like a lanyard, or sticking out of your pocket or lapel like a badge reel, it slips snuggly around your arm. This armbadge holder is measured at about 4” wide and 4 1/2 “ long and its vinyl strap that stretches comfortably up to 30”, fitting almost any adult.

Many ways to sport an armbadge holder..The first thing people ask when they are scoping out our armband selection is, “but will it fit my arm… what if I use a jacket”? With it’s adjustable Velcro strap, this armband will not only fit easily around your arm, jacket, pants or leg, but Patrick even wrapped it around his head and it fit him comfortably enough for a photo session, so it will fit just about anybody. So if you’re in cold weather of winter and need to wear a jacket, or in the sunny summer heat and wearing a t-shirt, jacket or bare, this will fit snugly around your limbs at all times. While on the topic of weather conditions, this badge holder is also a great way for workers to remain visible in rain, snow, or sun, day or night, because of it’s shiny yellow reflective nylon material provides visibility at all times. The reflective yellow vinyl matches well with the colors of reflective vest officers often wear (much like the vest colors crossing guards wear outside of schools) when they are transporting inmates from one location to another.  It’s flexible construction also flexes with movement, so people that are on their feet and on the move will really enjoy the usefulness of this armband holder and and gain the most benefit as they discover while it moves along with the flow of their work they forget its even there.

For the record, this article is in no way trying to disprove the importance of choosing a breakaway lanyard for safety precautions, for example when operating machinery it would still be a useful tool because it would snap apart if it became snagged, and it is also a great choice for school children who are always climbing around on things and risk getting choked because it would break apart (it can then easily be snapped back together), but in specific cases where employees are surrounded by violent prisoners or otherwise dangerous people, those breakaway lanyards could still be considered a potential threat, and that is why the armband badge holder would be the best option for anyone working in a prison, mental institution or any type of environment where physical harm might be administered upon staff required to wear a photo ID badge. If you feel like you didn’t find the information you were looking for, or if there’s anything I can clear up for you, please feel free to leave me a comment below so I can make any adjustments to this article.

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