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Official Licensed NFL Lanyards for 2012-2013 Season

Every single day of this glorious 2012-2013 football season I’ve been seen sporting my Official Licensed NFL ID and Ticket Breakaway Lanyard. My friends call me superstitious because I wear my lucky Dallas Cowboys NFL Lanyard during every game. But I can’t really blame them, because I’m convinced that wearing it helps them play better and I really can’t afford to let them change my mind. No matter whether I’m hooting, rooting or booing, come game day I’ll be rubbing my football lanyard like a genie bottle, wishing for a win.

Ever since I first wore my NFL lanyard I’ve had trouble finding a reason not to. I’ve owned knockoff NFL lanyards from gas stations and street vendors before, but they don’t match the quality of the Officially Licensed Aminco Lanyards. These are constructed out of a soft nylon material that is comfortable to wear yet rugged enough to handle rainy games and spilled beer. They’re 1″ wide and 36″ long and display the team’s logo and name all around the lanyard in full color. The detachable split ring that makes it easy to unbuckle whatever items (ticket stub, photo ID, credential, keys, etc) that are attached the lanyard because they buckle back together afterwards.

Sports fans are always looking for an excuse to proudly sport the colors of their favorite team. My teams colors just seem to become part of my style during the football season. I’ll wear mine when i’m watching a game at a sports bar, playing video games with friends, and everywhere and anywhere in between.  I even leave it wrapped around my rear view mirror when I drive. I like to let everyone know who the number 1 fan is. I guess that’s why football lanyards have always been great holiday gifts for die hard fans. These Official 2012-2013 Licensed Football Badge Holders come with a safety breakaway mechanism that makes it a safe gift for children as well. Because if the lanyard were to get snagged, it would snap apart but then snap together again.

If you’ve never worn an NFL lanyard to hold your ticket stub at a football game you don’t know what your missing. My football lanyard is so useful at the arena that I’d fall apart without one. It’s basically the third arm I always needed, because I use it to hold my ticket stub for me when i’ve got my hands full. I like to eat and drink while I watch the games, and when I’ve got one hand holding my beer and the other one holding my wiener it’s hard to fish through my pockets for a seat ticket. Instead of spilling beer and mustard all over myself  looking for my pass, the lanyard clearly displays my ticket from my chest, making it easy for the usher to see me to my seat. I haven’t stained clothes at the games ever since. It’s quite amazing how much wearing a lanyard has smoothed out the entire game experience for me.

Football Lanyards also make a great conversation piece. Right now i’m writing this at the Cafe du’ Monde’ in New Orleans with my hotel room key hanging from my Official Florida Gators NCAA College Football ID and Ticket Breakaway Lanyard. You’d be surprised at how often football fans on the street will just spark up a conversation with you about football when you’re wearing a team lanyard. It’s definitely lead to some interesting conversations.

If you can’t find the team you’re looking for, leave me a message below and I’ll try to get it stocked in our store so you can order one for yourself, family, or friends. We offer our lanyards at great prices and a huge selection with no minimum order size so you can find exactly what you need. Take a peek at the other Official Licensed NCAA ID Lanyard Ticket Holders we have in store and don’t forget to check our our YouTube video below to see the lanyards in action.


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