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LAKERSLANYARD-2With the NBA playoffs quickly approaching, we’re proud to announce that we’ve stocked our store with official licensed NBA lanyards for all you basketball fans. If you’re looking for the best basketball lanyards we have a beautiful selection of official team colored lanyards with the teams logo and name imprinted 16 times along the front and back of the lanyards for a truly charming look. Whether you’re wearing your ticket to a game or simply carrying your keys around the town, it’s always fun to carry your favorite team on your shoulders!

These basketball lanyards are all true to each teams nature since they’re officially licensed by the NBA. Each one comes with a nickel-plated split key ring that you can use to attach your IDs, keys, tickets, passes, or any other credentials. They also come with a heavy duty plastic buckle that makes it a breeze if you need to quickly discharge your items from the lanyard.

NBA lanyards also make great gift for kids and adults, because they’re one size fits all, and each one comes with a safety breakaway feature that allows them to snap apart if snagged or snared, yet they’ll easily snap back together afterwards. These lanyards were also built to last multiple seasons and provide value that doesn’t fade in time. So when fans have an NBA lanyard for tickets, keys, and ID’s, they’ll always prefer it over their other generic badge holders, badge reels or key chains. If you know someone that’s an NBA fan, these are the type of gifts that keep on giving for years to come!

I know through first hand experience how inconvenient it can be when you’re at the arena, balancing a drink in one hand and a hot dog in the other, trying to find your seat, when the usher asks to see your ticket stub. Most of the time it’s buried down in your pocket, wallet, purse or bag, and you’ll wind up spilling over-priced food and drinks all over yourself and the floor while you’re trying to fetch it. That’s when having an NBA lanyard becomes a time saving tool that lets you simply glide through the line so you can worry about the game instead of your brand new mustard stains. Because when you have your ticket stub hanging from your lanyard right around your belly area where the usher can see it, they’ll be able to guide you to your seats without any problems at all.

People that tend to wear NBA lanyards like to share their team pride with the world, and each of these will match perfectly with your favorite jerseys in for a killer combo of a look that will stand out from the crowd! They’re also a great for wearing your ID around the office, or just to carry with you on the weekends when you’re running errands and don’t want to keep a bulge of keys in your pocket. On the days you can’t carry your lanyards, you can just hang them from the rearview mirror and keep them matching with your license plate and pimp your ride!

Since we wanted to ensure that each logo and color would be seen, we chose flat lanyards as opposed to the round ones. They feel great around the back of your neck and provide a comfortable grip that doesn’t create friction on your skin. Each one comes with an official licensed NBA seal Bill Russel’s silhouette dribbling the ball up court that has been imprinted in the minds and hearts of basketball fans that we’ve all come to love for generations stamped upon the  made out of a tough nylon material that is carefully woven and c

For years, thousands of basketball fans have been wearing NBA sports lanyards with pride and joy, even when they buy unofficial ones at gas stations and other places, where they sacrifice cheap materials. But these official NBA licensed lanyards are absolutely gorgeous and made out of high quality materials and ink that look and feel great to wear. Once you have one of these cool lanyards, in your hands, you’ll never be able to wear a fake one again. With no minimum quantity to order here at Specialist ID, we’re not interested in forcing anyone to buy more than they need to have the best NBA lanyards in the business. Simply click here to check out our selection!

If you have any comments, questions, or can’t find the team you’re looking for, please leave us a comment below and we’ll be sure to help you out in no time at all!


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