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Fuel Card Holders

Fuel Card Holder for VisorFuel Card Holders are a product that I had never though too much about. However, recently I received an order for our arm band badge holders and found out it was actually for a large fleet of trucks.  They were testing to make sure they fit on the visor for holding their fuel cards.  It turns out, they work perfectly for that application and I have decided to include pictures and share this great idea with everyone.

Just about 2 weeks later, a culligan man needed fuel card holders for all of his delivery personnel.  However, they needed to keep their gas cards on the person, as they were having problems with lost cards and vehicles being broken into where valuables and even parking permits were being stolen.   The easy solution to this problem is to use an ID Badge Holder with a key ring attached so it can be kept right with your keys.

Fuel Card Key Ring

We have made both of these fuel card holders easy to order online from our website with no minimum.  Also, the Car/Truck Visor Fuel Card holder doesn’t require any installation or modifications.  If you’d like to see more about the visor gas card holder, just click the link.

To see our fuel card key chain, just click here.

If you have any questions about our fleet card solutions, please just give us at 1-800-380-6726 call or contact us online.

Fuel Card w/ Visor Closed

Fuel Card Holder for Visor

Fuel Card Holder w/ Visor Open

3 thoughts on “Fuel Card Holders

  1. Virtual Fuel Card

    I think these would work great w/ our fleet cards. I will present these to our business.

  2. Shawn O'Toole

    I am interested in your visor fuel card holders. Where are you located?, do you have a location in Miami that sells your product so I can see it?

    Thank you,

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