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Don’t Lose your Badge, Get a Badge Reel!

There’s nothing worse than losing your ID badge or your keys. But dont worry folks, because once you learn about the luxuries of a badge reel, you won’t ever let that happen to you again! As a person who spends a lot of time with ID accessories, and has lost his fair share of expensive micro chipped car keys, I can attest that badge reels are the best resource available for ID badge and key security.

Badge reels are not only great for keeping your IDs and keys, safe, they’re easy to wear and simple to use. They’ll fit discreetly around anything from a belt loop to a purse or bookbag strap with a firm grip that won’t come off unless you remove it. To use, just attach your items to your badge reel, slip it around your belt loop or strap, and then you can swiftly reel your items towards any direction within arms reach through a cord that slides from the reel. Afterwards, the cord will automatically return your items to your place of safe keeping.

Are you the type of person that buys a phone case to protect your phone? Or a laptop case to protect your computer?  Then owning a badge reel to ensure the safety of your precious keys and ID badges makes perfect sense to you, and you should keep on reading.


Here at Specialist ID, we have a wide variety of badge reels in different colors, shapes, and retraction strengths available. There’s a badge reel out there for anybody. They’re great for holding hotel keys on vacations, carrying and swiping ID badges, and just everyday house keys. ¬†They come with various retraction forces as well, so if you want at least 5 oz of retraction force you should check out our heavy duty badge reels. Those are strong enough to retract small tools, making them great for outdoor activities or work around the house.

Try not to get too sad as you gain a newfound appreciation for your badge reel when you realize how such a small tool can enrich the quality of your life. I’m warning you now, the more you use it, the more you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one before. You’ll see its significance grow in your day to day activities, with your badge reel operating like a third arm you never knew you always wanted. For example, I’m sure at one point or another we’ve all been standing at a door with a bunch of groceries in our hands, fishing around for our keys in our left pocket, just to find it buried under everything in the right pocket. Quite frustrating, indeed. But with a badge reel, you’ll know exactly where your keys will be, and they’ll be there every time you nee them. And then after you slide your key through a lock, or swipe your card through a card reader, it just reels back into place all by itself, so you can keep your hands free and continue right on with your day.

Check out our great selection of badge reels and enrich your life by never having to lose another ID badge or keys again! We’ve got a video below to show you a badge reel in action. If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, just leave me a message below and we’ll get back to you asap.

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