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Colored PVC Cards

Blank Colored PVC Card StockColored PVC Cards are one of the best ways to create great looking loyalty cards with your PVC Card printer,  quickly and cost effectively.  There are a few great advantages to using colored card stock as opposed to the traditional card stock.  The first is image quality.  If you are using a standard direct-to-card PVC card printer, you are probably aware that it can be hard to completely cover the entire front of a card with color.  Usually the edges still show a little bit of white.  Also, often times the color comes out slightly uneven due to the way the printer transfers the color using a CMYK heat transfer process.

The second advantage is cost.  Using a colored pvc card and a black or color monochrome printer ribbon, you will save a lot of money in printer ribbons.  A typical monochrome ribbon costs around $20-30 and yields about 1,000 cards!  Compare that to your standard color ribbon which costs anywhere from 50.00 on up and yields about 200-500 prints per ribbon depending on the printer.

The 3rd advantage is time to print.  Printing in single color monochrome, a typical printer will print the card in only a few seconds, completing the entire card in one pass.  This is great when you have a customer in front of you waiting for their loyalty card, or when you are running off large print jobs.  More prints per ribbon mean less human attention to the printer, and quicker job completion rates.

Color PVCOf course there is a disadvantage to printing in monochrome.  You are limited to choosing 2 colors.  One for your card stock and one for your ribbon.  Also, graphics will not print color images with the same clarity of a color ribbon which is designed for printing people’s pictures and more.  Also, a color printer ribbon will not show up well on colored card stock, as the colored ribbon panels blend with white cards to create the image tone.  When you print on a color pvc card, the color of the card will bleed through your color ribbon.

There are lots of options to choose from with colored cards, however.  Here is a list of the available PVC Card colors: White, clear, black, gray, cream, tan, light blue, blue, navy blue (Dark), teal, green, dark green, red, cranberry, pink, orange, yellow, gold, silver, copper, metallic lavender, metallic tan, fluorescent pink, fluorescent blue, fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange.

Also, special decorative PVC Cards are available, including glitter and foil cards.  Our colored PVC Cards can be custom ordered in any variation of thickness, color and magnetic stripe options.  Please contact us for further details.

Foil PVC Cards

Foil PVC Cards

Red Colored Card with White Printing

Red PVC Card with White Monochrome Ribbon

Specialist ID Gold PVC Cards

Rewards Card Printed on Gold PVC

Array of Colored PVC Cards

Array of Colored PVC Cards

Fluorescent PVC Cards

Array of Colored PVC Cards

Glitter Color PVC

Blue Color PVC with Glitter

If you have any questions about printing with Colored PVC Cards and using monochrome color ribbons with your ID Card Printer, please contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-380-6726.

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  1. Daniel DuPont

    I need 100 red PVC cards and 100 yellow PVC cards size 3×4… Could you help me and if so what’s the cost?

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