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Photo ID Glossary

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    Badge Reel

    A badge reel is a retractable reel with an attachment on the end of the cord for holding your Photo ID, keys, or access card, etc. Most reels clip on to your belt or clothing, using either a standard belt clip, swivel clamp or carabiner. Badge reels make it easy to extend your ID/keys/etc. to a card reader/door, and return the card to its retracted position.

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    CR-80 Card

    Standard credit card size, 3.370" X 2.125" .030" thick (85.6mm X 53.98mm X .076). This is the size card used in most Photo ID Printers, including the Evolis Pebble, Dualys and FARGO DTC1000, 4000 and 4500.

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    High Coercivity (HiCo)

    Magstripes come in two main varieties: high-coercivity (HiCo) and low-coercivity (LoCo). High-coercivity magstripes are encoded at higher magnetic values (about 4,000 Oersted) which makes them harder to erase, and less susceptible to damage and therefore should be used in cards that need a longer life (i.e. credit cards, time cards for employees etc). HiCo mag stripes are usually black, while LoCo cards are generally a light brown color.

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    ID-1 Card

    Standard Credit Card Size, same as CR-80, (See CR-80 for definition)

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    A lanyard, for photo ID purposes, is a cord that hangs around your neck and has an attachment for holding and displaying your Photo ID. Typical lanyards range from 1/8" round cords, to 3/8", or 5/8" flat lanyards. Custom lanyards can be up to 1" wide and have a wide assortment of attachments.

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    Retractable Badge Holder

    Known as Badge Reels in the industry (See definition above).