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Photo ID FAQ

  1. What size is a standard ID Card? (a.k.a. CR80, Credit Card Size or "New Drivers License Size")

    The standard ID Card size (CR80) is 3.370" X 2.125" .030" thick (85.6mm X 53.98mm X .076). It is commonly used for banking cards (ATM, Credit, Debit etc.) and also used for many drivers licenses in the United States and many other countries. This is also the size used in the new US Passport Cards. The standard for the CR80 Card is defined by the ISO/IEC 7810 standard and is also referred to as "ID-1."

  2. What document size should I use when designing my Photo ID?

    For the best results when designing your own Photo ID, please use these settings. This will ensure that your design can be printed at the proper dimensions and resolution, eliminating the need to re-design before printing, and ensuring no unintentional blank space nor stretching will occur. These setting will work in Photoshop or any other professional design application. Page Size 85.60mm X 53.98mm. Resolution 300DPI (or 600DPI for HDP Printers). Color Mode CMYK.