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Special Event Ticket and Oversize Badge Holders

VIP Pass and Event Holders and more from Specialist IDSpecialist ID, Inc. (www.SpecialistID.com) carries dozens of lanyards and credential holders designed to carry “odd” sized items, including concert tickets, backstage passes, NASCAR pit passes, sporting event tickets…almost anything that is shaped differently than a standard ID badge can be held in a special event ticket or oversize badge holder. Festival and rock tickets can be displayed in a badge holder ordered with a metal clip to attach to a cord, elastic, strap or t-shirt. It’s an economical way to display your All-Access Pass or backstage pass, without worrying that paper will be damaged in your pocket, and without you having to continually dig it out for presentation.

In addition to easy display for ingress and egress at sporting events and music venues, it’s a keepsake for later, with its weatherproof plastic keeping the ticket or pass safe for years to come. Also available at Specialist ID are Ticket Keeperz stands, for displaying your tickets or passes in your home after an event has passed. This allows you to relive the events or share the memories with friends and family for years after your special time. The typical backstage pass measures 3×4.75”; too large for a conventional badge holder to handle. The oversized badge holders from SpecialistID mean there’s no overhang off an end, which can lead to your pass or ticket being damaged.

Special corporate events, too, can benefit from an oversized special event ticket and oversize badge holder. You can create a custom badge with your corporate logo, and include prize information for a company picnic, making the badge a runner-up prize for a relay race, for example. You can make a photo ID for an event, with room for the person’s name and title and your company logo. The only limit is your imagination with the extra room to play with on an oversized badge holder.

One of the most popular holders has a maximum inner dimensions of 3.125”x5.125”. This is a standard size for festivals, concerts and sporting events. Combine that with a high-quality 1/8” round braid 36” neck lanyard with a nickel plated metal swivel hook that attaches to just about anything, and you have a great low-cost solution.  A non-breakaway feature assures that your pass isn’t going anywhere. After all you might have gone through to get that precious backstage pass or pit pass, the last thing you want to do is worry about losing it from around your neck.

There are many colors to choose from and you can order one or a thousand and one, and have the following choices:

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