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The prevailing rationale behind wearing an identification badge is to ensure that people and information are kept safe.   Some identification badges are designed to maintain anonymity, privacy and secrecy.  There are many high level security jobs that have specialized ID requirements for the safety of employees and the employer.  All identification badges are not built the same so there is a need for different badge holders to suit specified kinds of cards that are used in ways beyond the average ID badge.

The Rigid Shielded 2-Card Holder is a badge holder that is ideal for a higher level of security.  Radio-frequency identification or RFID technology is used to exchange information between a reader and an electronic tag on a card or object using radio waves.  This technology is used for tracking and identifying people and can be read from a distance.  To prevent unauthorized individuals from reading this type of card, the Rigid Shielded 2-Card Holder may be used.  This badge holder blocks the card from being read while it is housed within the holder.  Many governmental and high security employers require this type of badge holder.

If you constantly have to remove your ID badge from the vinyl or plastic enclosure, and you don’t have to shield RFID information, the Frosted Rigid Plastic Horizontal Half Card Holder may be for you.  Employees that must swipe their cards magnetic strip through a reader can become annoyed with removing and replacing their card several times per day.  This badge holder firmly clutches just the top portion of your ID badge in place.  The clamping system will not allow your badge to slip out of place and enables you to swipe the magnetic stripe of your card in any reader.  The holder is comprised of durable plastic and can accommodate cards with a horizontal magnetic stripe on the widest section of the card.

Specialist ID additionally offers Semi-Rigid Convertible Card Holders and Open-Face Rigid Plastic Card Holders in a variety of colors to suit user or employer preferences.  The color options will allow any employer to choose a design theme or give employees the chance to personalize the look of their badge holder.  Different rigid plastic holders can house vertical or horizontal cards.  All rigid card holders feature sturdy materials.  These kinds of holders may be used with a neck chain, lanyard, clip or strap.  Based on the nature and function of the job and its’ environment, make sure to choose an attachment device that is best suited.

Rigid plastic badge holders prevent ID cards from being damaged.  It is easy to bend or fold an ID card that is surrounded by flexible lightweight plastic.  Each time the structure of an ID badge is compromised, this could decrease its’ efficiency and readability.  A card that is difficult to read can waste time and will need replacement, which the employer or employee must assume the cost of.  Rigid plastic card holders are often molded with an increased level of thickness and density than a normal ID badge holder.

If you have any questions about our Rigid Plastic ID Badge Holders or any other general Photo Identification questions, please call us at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online.

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