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Retractable ID Badge Reels

Carabiner Badge Reels from Specialist IDMany companies today require their employees to carry identification badges, both for security and convenience reasons. Very few employers use paper time cards any longer, and because so many time-keeping devices are electronic, identification badges are required to keep track of regular hours and overtime. The use of ID badges also makes for less paper waste and a more organized, convenient way to keep record of these hours. ID badges also ensure heightened security, keeping track of things such as who enters and leaves a business or employees-only section, which people are handling money, and so forth.

Despite the ease and benefits of using an ID badge, the badge itself can sometimes be hard to keep up with. They can fall out of pockets, become damaged, or lost. Often, employers charge for a replacement badge and it can add up over time if a badge is frequently lost. Lanyards that fit around the neck can be a quick solution, but they can become tangled and damaged, especially with quick-moving jobs such as table serving or jobs involving heavy machinery in factories and warehouses. For this reason, many factory and labor jobs require that nothing hang from your neck for safety reasons.

Retractable ID badge reels are the perfect solution for these problems. With many different clip styles guaranteed to stay put, retractable reels easily allow the attached badge to pull forward for swiping or scanning, and then the badge quickly retracts back to the clip for safekeeping. Specialist ID offers many different styles of retractable badge reels fit for just about any need which can be purchased at our website, specialistid.com.

The carabiner badge reel is not only one of the most popular styles, but it is also one of the most rugged reels, able to stand up to many badge pulls a day. This is especially convenient for those who need to swipe a badge several times throughout the day, such as restaurant servers who must frequently swipe their badge into a POS (point of sale) system each time they ring out a table. The carabiner style loop is ideal for strong attachment to just about anything, such as belt loops, apron straps, button holes, purse straps, and more. The strap, made out of vinyl, is designed to accommodate just about any slot-punched ID card, and ensures that it will not tear, in order to keep your badge safe.

Also offered are heavy duty badge reels, constructed of sleek, attractive nickel plated metal and reinforced for the toughest of jobs. Other heavy duty badges are reinforced with link chains to keep them especially strong. If your ID needs to remain forward-facing for security reasons, the no-twist round badge reel is ideal. It is specially designed to keep your badge from spinning around and sitting backwards without you having to constantly correct it yourself. There are even more designs with interesting and convenient little features such as the retractable badge reel with attached ball point pen or even a retractable bottle opener. Having a pen constantly on hand can be incredibly convenient. You can even support breast cancer awareness with the special awareness reels, decked out in a soft shade of pink and the traditional breast cancer ribbon. A quick search at Specialist ID will bring the perfect retractable ID badge reel for your needs.

Most of our badge reels can be custom printed to include logos, text and more.  Please contact us if you have any questions about custom printing, competitive quotes, or if we can help you in any with your Photo ID Program.

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