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Retractable ID ReelRetractable Badge Reels

More and more companies are drifting towards electronic identification security systems.  To protect their assets, both physical and intellectual, many businesses have decided to upgrade and tighten their security measures.  Identification badges are used more frequently to enhance safety and eliminate the need for paper time sheets.  Using paper is environmentally irresponsible and can allow fraud and falsification.  To decrease time fraud, control who has access to certain parts of a business and to ensure that the appropriate credentials are met for right of entry, identification badges are needed.

ID badges are typically rectangular and flat, usually depicting an employee’s name, title and photograph with a magnetic strip or bar code, depending on the application.  Constant use of a badge can be necessary to move from one part of a business to another, clock in-or out, or even place an order in a POS system.  This is common in hospitals, restaurants and at offices with segmented access points.  Keeping an id badge in your pocket, wallet or purse, can become inconvenient.  Taking the badge out of your pocket, then replacing it multiple times per day can waste time.  Housing a badge in your pocket may cause you to forget it, creating a bigger headache the next morning if you show up to work without it.  Jobs that are hazardous, like those at construction sites and factories, may not permit you to suspend your identification badge from a lanyard or metallic chain around your neck.  Positioning your badge from your neck can be hazardous to your health as there is a constant presence of heavy machinery and moving equipment.

Retractable badge reels are a great option for frequent id badge users who want to wear, display and utilize their badge easily.  Retractable reels allow you to swipe or scan your id badge from a considerable distance away when you pull the badge and extend the cord.  Specialist ID has several retractable badge reel options that all feature a durable cord that can endure several thousand pulls and rugged construction to withstand wear and tear.  Determining which one is right for will be based on function and your personal aesthetics.  Some retractable badge reels are offered in a variety of colors, so you are sure to find one that matches your sense of style.

The Carabiner badge reel is oval in shape with a clear vinyl strap affixed at the bottom portion.  Your id badge is hung from the vinyl strap.  The snap button on the vinyl strap will securely fasten every time, ensuring that your badge remains where you left it.  The opaque plastic encasement is offered in six different shades.  The belt clip may be attached to belt loops and handbag straps or anywhere that is convenient for you.

The heavy duty badge reels feature reinforced or clear vinyl straps and the belt clip offers a great attachment option.  On the back side of the reel housing is an affixed belt clip that allows you to secure the badge reel onto just about anything.  You may opt to attach it to your belt, pocket or sleeve.  There are many style and color options to choose from so be sure to visit www.SpecialistID.com to find about other retractable badge reels that could be perfect for you.

If you have any questions about our retractable badge reels, please call us at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online.

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