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Retractable Badge Holders

Wearing an ID badge usually comes with the responsibility of showing it to someone or scanning it in a barcode or magnetic stripe reader.  Identification badges are used to determine who a person is or even where they are going or where they have been.  This is essential for companies and agencies that want to know if a person belongs on their property or is eligible to access particular segments of a workplace.  ID badges are not meant to be a nuisance, but this can easily happen if you lose your ID, don’t have a proper place to store it, or just don’t have an efficient method of housing it.

The benefit of wearing an ID badge as an accessory is that the badge remains within close reach of your arm when it is time to present or scan the badge.  To gain access to a building or get past security, ID badges have to be inspected or swiped so that encoded information may be read.  ID badges should be kept close and should be easily accessible.  When employees need to get to their ID quickly, this can be hard if it is in your wallet, purse or pocket.  When you change your pants or purse, you risk forgetting about your ID card.

Lanyards and chains are used to position ID badges around the neck.  This position can be convenient if you only have to visually show your ID to someone.  When swiping your card is required, a lanyard or neck chain may not provide you with a comfortable or appropriate length in order to reach the reader.  This will either force you to stretch the lanyard and strain your neck or remove the ID badge altogether from the holder portion or remove the entire device from around your neck.  Both of these options can be a distraction or even a waste of time.

Wearing a retractable badge holder can be even more convenient in situations where you have to swipe your badge.  The retractable badge holder features a sturdy cord that measures several inches long.  The cord can lengthen and shorten when you pull it or let it go.  Whenever you need to reach a scanner, you don’t have to remove the ID badge from the vinyl holder, saving you time and effort.  If you are running late for work, you won’t have to take the extra time to be able to clock-in because there is no need to remove the badge or holder.

When you let the cord go, it automatically retracts and forms a circular coil within the reel.  Specialist ID offers several retractable badge holders that feature many design elements including reinforced vinyl straps, swivel spring clips and belt clips for attaching your badge holder to your keychain, belt loop, shirt or purse.  The durable coil is able to endure thousands of pulls and the entire plastic housing has a rugged design meant to stand up to excessive wear.  You can be certain that any retractable badge holder from Specialist ID will be sure to maintain its’ structure and efficiency.

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