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CW-6-BLK-2Specialist ID has a thing for Neck Wallets.

We have 14 different types of credential ID Badge Holder Neck Wallets for you to choose from, and if you need some help navigating which one would be best for you or your company, please continue reading the article below, or if you’d rather just visit the selection, then click here.


Wallets are an important part of your life, because they are one of the few essential items you always carry with you. Neck wallets in particular are a great way to carry your ID cards and credentials, and everything else you need to your next meeting, convention, or trade show.  They also work great for bus and rail pass holders, or for carrying travel documents on the road.

Neck Wallets are widely used by the Military, Government, Airline Industry, Security and Cleaning Services, Hospital Staff, and more, because of their usefulness in displaying identification, while also providing room for more documentation, in an easy manner. So when you choose a Neck Wallet, you’re going to have to put equal or more thought into what purpose the Neck Wallet will serve you or your company as you would for your own personal wallet.

When your choosing your Credential Wallet, the main questions you’ll want to ask yourself are, is this wallet reusable? Low cost? Heavy-duty? Crystal-clear? Durable? Does it come with an attached lanyard or cord so that it hangs around the neck where it remains visible instead of being placed into a pocket like a regular wallet?

You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have time to go digging through the Internet in search of Neck Wallets that specifically satisfy the questions asked above.” That’s okay, we understand. That’s exactly why Specialist ID has already taken care of choosing only premium quality and constructed Credential ID Badge Wallets (and other products) to sell in our store.

This article will highlight three of the unique Neck Wallets we carry, but by no means is it meant to undermine any of the other wallets in our store, but more as a way to introduce, and guide you through a few of the main differences that you’ll find in a Credential ID Neck Wallet Holder.

First, we have our most popular Neck Wallet, the Black Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet CW-6-BLK, which has one large pocket with zipper for storing personal items such as passport, cash, and credit cards, and also includes two clear vinyl pockets, which you can use for a credential pass or for business cards. This item has a clever attachment as well ,which makes it unique; a pen holder. So if you’re going to be be writing when wearing your Neck Wallet, you might want to strongly consider the CW-6-BLK.

If you don’t think one large pocket holds enough carry to suit your needs, you may want to check out our Premium Color Credential Wallet Holder – 3 Pocket w/ Lanyard. As you might have guessed, this Neck Wallet comes with 3 pockets, and you may choose from either Black or Blue. The front pocket has a clear vinyl pocket to hold an exhibitor badge, and the back of the holder has 1 zippered and 1 open compartment to hold keys, credit cards, cash, etc. The neck cord lanyard is adjustable, and overall cord length is 48”, so that way both children and adults may use this.

If you work in a hospital setting, or have known anyone that has been a victim to cancer, or simply sympathetic and want to send a positive message to the world while you work, you may want to scope out our Pink “Awareness” Multi-Pocket Credential Wallet w Adjustable Neck Cord 1860-3007.  The design of this wallet is aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional and durable.  The front pocket has a clear vinyl pocket to hold an exhibitor badge and a main compartment with a velcro closure.  The top has a leather-like material which is pretty rugged. The back of this Cancer Awareness Wallet  has compartments to hold up two pens, and business cards.

Neck Wallets are not only good for work environments, but are also becoming a great giveaway at conventions/trade shows. Simply chose a wallet from our store and add your company logo to promote your products.

We hope that we have provided you with a good general description on how to choose a Credential Neck ID Badge Holder Wallet that’s right for you or your business, and that our few unique examples from the wallets we sell have guided your decisions. If you still have any questions or concerns about our Credential Wallets, or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us through our website here, leave us a reply below, or give us a call at 1-800-380-6726, and we will gladly help you.

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