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ID Neck Lanyards With Swivel Hook

We are excited to introduce an amazing new product to our lanyard family! The flat braid woven lanyard with a steel swivel hook, part number 2135-350X, is one of those lanyards that brings color and style to anyone looking to keep their hands free while wearing a slot punched ID or badge holder. This flat braid woven lanyard from Specialist ID has a feather-like touch that feels lightweight and smooth along the neck and shoulders.

This classic lanyard design provides 36 inches of high quality, tightly woven braids that don’t fray like other cheap lanyards. This awesome lanyard features a nickel plated steel swivel hook that will easily slide through any ID slot hole or badge holder and keep your ID credentials securely hanging just above the belly button area for most adults.

Since this is not a breakaway lanyard, your credentials wont be able to snap apart or buckle under pressure. Keep in mind that non breakaway lanyards may not be allowed in many schools and other types of jobs where moving parts or machinery can be a safety risk.  After testing one of these out, we just had to bring in all the colors available: (2135-3501 Black, 2135-3502 Royal Blue, 2135-3503 Navy Blue, 2135-3504 Green, 2135-3505 Orange, 2135-3508 White, 2135-3509 Yellow, 2135-3516 Teal).

The only thing I found more attractive than the vast array of beautiful solid colors was its super low price. This flat lanyard just offers incredible value for what it provides. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a high quality, colorful lanyard to outfit a large group of people, at an unbelievably low price.


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