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Lanyard Badge Reels (Lanyard & Badge Reel In One)

Lanyard & Badge Reel ComboWe now offer the Black and Blue retractable badge reel lanyard combo online with no minimum order!

Thanks to growing technology, many companies and businesses are requiring employees to keep an identification badge that can be swiped or scanned for uses such as security, time keeping, logging in and out of computer systems and POS machines, and more. A fast-paced workplace combined with a busy lifestyle can cause people to easily lose their badges, frustrating the company for having to order more, and frustrating the employee because typically they have to pay to replace the badge. Often times your ID comes only with a simple metal strap clip designed to clip to pockets, belts, or shirts, but often these clips fail and do not withstand any rough wear and tear that may come with a tough hard labor job.  Badges can be falling off, getting lost, or even ending up in your pocket or purse, defeating the purpose of wearing your ID badge.

Retractable badge reels solve this dilemma by acting as an easily retractable, durable way to keep track of your identification badge. Specialist ID specializes in well-made badge reels that come in a large variety of different styles and strengths. While many companies turn to the standard badge economy reel that clings to your belt loop or shirt pockets, another popular style is the lanyard badge reel. Companies often like using lanyard badge reels, as they can easily have their company name imprinted on the lanyard itself, for business identification or advertising. It can give employees an added uniform, professional look, and employees themselves often find the lanyards easy to remove and keep track of.

A typical problem with standard lanyards is the need to bend down or remove your lanyard every time you want to swipe your card, which can heighten the risk of losing your badge. For those with jobs that require several swipes a day, such as restaurant servers in busy establishments, that can be annoying and frustrating. Lanyard badge reels are the ideal solution, with a retractable cord spanning 34’’, reaching with ease. With a job involving hard labor or much movement throughout the day, the chances of your badge being knocked loose are slim when it is attached to a lanyard around your neck.

Business owners will love the ability to customize their lanyard to reflect their company name or logo. Each badge reel comes with a rounded slot to showcase the name, acronym, or logo of your company, and each lanyard can be easily printed with the same. They are offered in a variety of colors, such as red, blue, black, and white along with a clear vinyl strap for the reel and are an attractive addition to any uniform. A unique optional feature of these lanyard badge reels it the QuickLock feature, which is a button that holds the cord with the badge out until you push the button to retract, which virtually eliminates the risk of leaving your badge behind. Each lanyard comes complete with a breakaway clasp for around your neck, which can help prevent the risk of injury should your lanyard become caught in something. Rather than pull you down with it, the clasp can give way and open.

If you have any questions about our retractable badge reels and neck lanyards, please contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-380-6726.

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