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Design Your Own Custom Printed Lanyards

Design custom lanyards online www.SpecialistID.comWe are excited to announce the launch of our online lanyard designer application.  This portion of our website allows our customers to design custom printed lanyards online, with the ability to view and select every feature of the custom lanyards.  Getting the right custom lanyard becomes easy with this web tool that lets you customize your lanyard step-by-step, and even allows you to view your logo and text in real time.

Custom printed lanyards are the way to go for specialized ID badge holders if you have a distinctive corporate presence, need a special look for a certain occasion, or as promotional materials for your business or event. A custom lanyard conveys an immediate impression of creativity, and allows the reader to quickly assess your branding. A unique, effective advertising and marketing tool for your business, a lanyard is a keepsake or an effective means of delivering personal and business information with a quick glance. A colorful cord holding your coordinated logo badge with name and title is an efficient, economical means for quick identification at conventions, seminars and parties.

They come in a huge variety of colors, and can match up with your printed, custom lanyard badges, with your corporate logo or slogan. Perfect for a picnic or reunion, you can get these for family events, as well as block parties and town meetings. There a huge number of badges too, attachable to the lanyard and comfortably worn around your neck, keeping your clothes free of pinholes and can be easily hung from a rearview mirror after an event. There are patriotic stars and stripes, as well as camouflage and different patterns to choose from, to make your custom printed lanyards as unique as the event you are hosting. Clear plastic protects your printed badge from inclement weather or drink or food mishaps, while the custom lanyard sets off the advertising or information contained on the badge.

Imagine being the one who comes up with custom printed lanyards as the big idea for your next family reunion. Each cousin, aunt, uncle, son or daughter leaves with their own customized keepsake, allowing them to relive memories from that day simply by seeing their lanyard hanging from a magnet on the refrigerator. It’s an inexpensive way to create memories, and a personally valuable item that will last for years.

If you’re in charge of a corporate event, bringing up the idea of creating customized printed lanyards as ID badge holders could show everyone your creativity, offering a unique way to showcase not only your company, but offering valuable personal information such as name and title to strangers at a convention. No one wants to have to struggle with, “Don’t I know that guy from somewhere?” when they’re meeting at a seminar miles from home, and a custom lanyard eliminates any guesswork or embarrassment for your personnel and associates. The huge company picnic or Christmas party too could be made hassle-free with a lanyard , keeping ID hands-free and easily read by people potentially meeting for the first time. Having a company lanyard with a holiday theme, too, ensures it will be reused or displayed at a later time.

Available custom printing also comes on badges, cellular phone straps, water bottle lanyards, clear vinyl lanyards, nylon, polyester, woven, cords, elastics, acrylic badge holders, retractable badge reels, badge lanyards and school lanyards.

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