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Armband ID Badge Holders

Armband ID Badge holders have become one of our most popular ID Badge Accessories.  I just wanted to quickly let everyone know that these are one-size-fits-all and everyone should get a nice comfortable fit whether you have big or small arms!

ID badge holders aren’t constrained to just pin-on-your-shirt types or lanyard strings and plastic name holders anymore. You have a wide variety from which to choose, for almost any application you can think of. An armband badge holder might be for you if standard lanyard-type holders are too obtrusive.

A very popular item offered by Specialist ID, customers worldwide appreciate these Velcro-attached armband badge holders. Active people are attracted to this style, because of its safety while working around moving parts of machinery, where personal safety is an issue. During athletic events, you need assurance that your ID will not become entangled in your clothing or hair, or impede your movement while you are running, jumping or bicycling. Having a swinging lanyard in front of your face can become not only a nuisance, but a safety hazard..

Attached with Velcro for a secure fit, the applications are endless. When affixed to your upper or lower arm, they are readable yet won’t interfere with your movement or safety. They are popular with delivery people, airport workers, factory personnel and hospital employees because of their non-obstructive nature. Having a lanyard hanging from your neck can place you in a precarious position, handling moving luggage or carts, or being around spinning wheels or equipment. The last thing you want is your badge holder becoming entangled in a piece of machinery.

Being on the arm instead of hanging around the neck assures you that you will not become distracted by the hanging badge, or get your hand caught when it really matters. They even feature antimicrobial straps available for those who work in either the food service industry or a hospital or clinical setting, allowing for health considerations, where another type of badge might become unsanitary. Another sector that finds these particularly handy is the security industry: A security guard who is wearing an armband ID holder instead of a neck lanyard has much less chance of having the lanyard used as a weapon against him or her, a criminal being able to yank the lanyard like a rope around the neck. A safely secured Velcro armband badge holder around your upper arm ensures that while your identification information is readable, it will not be used as a potential weapon against you.

The Velcro is adjustable, making it appropriate for use around the upper or lower arm, or at the wrist. You can customize the fit so that it is most comfortable for you, or just looks good with your outfit or uniform. Velcro creates a secure hold, ensuring that it won’t go anywhere even when your arms are full or you’re actively engaged in your job, whatever it might be.

Available in styles as diverse as your applications require, including: Velcro armband badge holder-vertical, Velcro armband badge holder-horizontal, clear vinyl vertical armband badge holder-data/credit card size, clear vinyl horizontal armband badge holder-data/credit card size, clear vinyl horizontal armband badge holder-Gov’t/military size and clear vinyl vertical armband badge holder-Gov’t/military size.

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