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Spring Break waterproof cases


Witz Sport Cases

Spring Break is here again! Time to unwind, relax and enjoy some warmer weather. If you are planning to spend some time at the beach or outdoors, we have the perfect protective cases to carry your basic essentials from lip balms, suntan lotions, sun glasses, cell phone, compact cameras, cash, ID, credit cards to any other small necessity you might want accessible and kept dry.

 Our Witz waterproof sports cases will keep your important items safe and dry. Check out our numerous waterproof accessories to see which style, color or size will fit all your beach needs for this Spring Break and soon to follow Summertime. Don’t forget your keys either! Attach them to your wrists easily with a wrist coil or a lanyard.


Spring Color Badge Holding Accessories 2015

Spring Colors blogTime to spring into action cause Spring is officially here! Also known as the Vernal Equinox, Spring is a time for rebirth, regrowth and renewal. Enjoy the longer days of sunshine and color coordinate with this years spring colors.

Time to spring clean and get organized! Lanyards, badge reels, badge holders, witz cases, neck wallets and badge buddies are great for extending the life of your photo ID badges and holding your valuables safely. Wear the key essentials you use daily, such as keys, Photo ID badges, smart cards, cash and more with confidence and in style.

We have an extensive selection of colors and styles to keep your valuable necessities protected, secure and fashionable too. Take note of our color assortment display to know what colors are in for Spring this year and get fashionable with your everyday badge holding needs. Mix and match and upgrade your current badge holder accessories with some Spring color!





Green Badge Holder Accessories

004-5TThe color green symbolizes many things… from nature, ecology and peace to government-issued green cards and money! Green is refreshing and balancing and is the color of the heart chakra, which covers the chest area. Green helps to relax and soothe the mind and alleviate nervousness and anxiety.

With St. patrick’s Day around the corner, we take this opportunity to go green with green badge holding accessories.Whether its a green lanyard for Badges, badge reel retractable, badge buddy or badge holder, we have many different options in a variety of greens. We also offer a holiday gift basket, St. Patrick’s Day themed for some office fun!

Stay healthy and balanced and don’t forget to eat your greens or wear them March 17th for St. Patty’s Day. STPATRICKSBASKET-2T

Ticket Holders

1845-1402-5TReady for your next sporting event or concert? We have your ticket holder! Protect and preserve those valuable tickets with this durable, acrylic ticket holder. 

Ticket holders make it easy to keep your tickets ready for entering the sporting arena or concert hall while wearing them around your neck with any of our dependable lanyards. Your tickets will also remain in good condition as a souvenir.

This particular acrylic ticket holder is over-sized and although it is flexible, it is not bendable so that it may be placed in a ticketkeeperz stand for future display. Check out our variety of different sized vinyl ticket holders and larger badge holders as well.1845-1402-3T


Heart Accessories

2120-761X-4Love is in the air… and all around us. With Valentine’s Day approaching, it is time to be romantic and show some appreciation and affection for our loved ones. Traditional ways to do so include chocolate, flowers and dinner reservations. Chocolate is a treat… something we try not to over indulge in on a regular basis but due to occasion, it is enjoyable! So the box of chocolates last maybe a day or two :) Flowers are beautiful and signify beauty and being thoughtful and they might last a week or two. Dinner reservations allow for a special time to be enjoyed for a meal. How about a heart shaped accessory to add to the mix?

Our heart shaped badge reels make a longer lasting impression.  Share the love and remind your spouse, partner, co-worker or employee that you appreciate them with the heart symbol of love. The message is clear to them and to everyone who sees it. Smile and get a smile back, Show a heart and remind others to always love!

Wear this retractable heart badge reel all year round to display your photo ID or carry your swipe card for work. Choose from pink, red or white or see our other selections of badge reels on-line.

For the month of February, we are offering 10% off any heart reel badge purchase! february promo web

Key Card Holder DIY Idea

img_7015a_thumbI came across this great DIY (Do It Yourself) Wedding Project from healthycoconutblog.com and loved the idea! Thought it was worth mentioning and passing along for future reference in wedding plans or any other party type events that may convenience your guest participants.

This particular use for a wedding was described as “One of the things I created for our guests were key card holders. We stayed in an all-inclusive resort, so our guests used the key card holders for their hotel room keys, cash for tip money and other items like ID and credit card.”

Considering we are the “Specialists” and experts in these particular supplies, I couldn’t help but share this fantastic idea that is so simple to put together for an organized, customized and special occasion that you might share with your family, friends or co-workers for future events. We have many different lanyard options and badge holders to accommodate any size ID, ticket or credential to color coordinate a customized set up like the picture displays. Get creative, have fun and give a gift that keeps on giving… a lasting lanyard/badge holder for many future uses.



4×3 Convention Pass Holder with Zipper and 3 Pockets

SPID-CVN-ZIP-5tThis 4×3 Convention Holder with zipper and 3 pockets might be your key essential for your next trade show or event. Display your Photo ID, over-sized pass and business cards conveniently around your neck for great visualization and easy access to handing our business cards.

Clear vinyl pockets allow for easy insertion of IDs, passes or even a hotel key. One pocket has a zip enclosure for extra security. Great for an organized display of name tags, passes and business cards for trade shows, conventions or any type of event. Slot punch holes allow for wear on your favorite lanyard or neck chain. Keeps your items protected from outdoor elements and from wear and tear. We have many different sizes on our website to choose from to accommodate your needs in case a smaller or larger badge holder is needed.

We hope you have an “eventful” season!

Frosted Vertical 2-Card Access Card Dispenser

1840-6550-8TWant to save the life of your Photo ID cards? Badge holders will do just that.

Whether using your photo ID to get through security checkpoints, your gym membership ID to check in or your public transportation smart card, any ID card used frequently risks getting bent, beat up and worn from being left in jean pockets, purse bottoms or soft wallets. A badge holder can protect the lifespan of your ID cards by being reliable, durable, weather resistant and easy accessible.

Most of our badge holder are made from a durable, rigid plastic. Designed to hold one, two or more cards (depending on your chosen badge holder), your choice for your needs. This particular badge holder, p/n 1840-6550 displays a thumb slot for an easy retrieval of the card(s) inside.  We have horizontal or vertical displaying badge holders in case you choose to keep them on a lanyard or neck chain for a grab and go to the gym, work or any other daily routine where you want the IDs readily accessible.

The built in slot for this 2-card access card dispenser badge holder allows you to attach your favorite lanyard or badge reel.  Please check out our many selections of badge holders to find which ones are best for you on our website: www.specialistid.com


Vinyl Slotted 2 Pocket Black Credential Wallet

CW-2-BLK-5One of my favorite items at Specialist ID, the vinyl slotted 2 pocket black credential wallet. Classy, shiny look yet durable weather resistant vinyl and perfectly compact to hold your basic essentials on your favorite lanyard or badge reel while remaining hands free.

The clear vinyl shows your standard credit card size photo ID on the front and the back has a concealed pocket with Velcro attachment to securely keep cash, change, single keys, gum, jewelry, a USB memory stick or whatever small item you need to have or hide while on the job or at an event. Also has elastic pen loops along the side to hold your favorite pen.

Very ideal for trade shows or conventions to carry light and display credentials plus hold necessities.

One of our many neck wallet options and very popular! Get yours today.



Halloween Badge Basket Fun

Halloween promo basket webGetting creative with useful Halloween themed party favors for the office party fun! Show your employee staff some appreciation and add to the excitement of holiday celebrating and fun. Color themed lanyards and badge reels are useful all year round, but for Halloween, they will have their black and orange options to get into the spooky spirit of things.

Equipped with black and orange badge reels and lanyards, we’ve added some stretchy skeletons and hard candy assortments to kick start some early tricks and treats.

Dressing up for Halloween can take months of preparation or not. Last minute costumes can be quite creative too. We were included in http://blog.zennioptical.com/affordable-pop-culture-costumes-halloween/  for a character costume idea: Orange is the New Black’s Alex Vause, featuring our  4×3 clear badge holder, which just goes to show… your accessories may become your necessities for a costume idea :) We hope you have a safe and spooktacular time celebrating Halloween this year!