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Retractable Bottle Opener Reel For Bartenders

Retractable Bottle OpenerLooking for a tough retractable Badge Reel for you bar key?

The Heavy Duty Metal Retractable Reel from Specialist ID is the best way to keep your speed opener
attached and ready for a fast paced repetitive bar tending environment. This Solid Reel features a yo-yo
link chain that attaches to a durable metal badge reel at one end and a key chain connector at the other.
Key Chain attachment connects to almost any bottle opener, speed opener, pop top or mini speed
opener at one end and your belt loop via snug belt clip.
I have been bartending for years and this is the best solution I’ve found to keep your bottle opener
connected and ready to use. Just pull, pop off the bottle cap and the reel snaps back into place.
Perfect for any waiter, waitress, server or bartender that needs a convenient way to keep their opener
connected and ready to use in a fast paced work environment.
These things are super durable, I started putting one to the test 8 months ago and it still works perfectly.
Simply clip it to the side of your pants or belt and it stays put without getting in the way. No more wet
back pocket from your opener, and no more lost bottle openers falling on the ground.

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