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Hospital Badge Buddies, Nurse, LPN and Doctor Badge Buddy

Resident Nurse Badge BuddyIf you have visited, or work in a hospital, there is a good chance you have seen a “Badge Buddy.” Badge buddies are a great way for hospitals and other organizations to easily identify key personnel.  The badge buddy is designed to be larger than your standard photo ID, allowing your roll to be easily seen below your existing photo ID.  Just hang it behind your existing ID on the same clip or lanyard that you are already using.

We have many different badge buddies available online with no minimum order for our most popular styles.  These include our “RN” Resident Nurse badge buddy in both horizontal and vertical.  Our Licensed Nurse Practitioner “LPN” badge buddy, Doctor/Physician and “NA” Nurses Assistant Badge Buddies are also available.

Besides the above mentioned popular badge buddies, we also carry Student, PA-C, Paramedic, PCT, CNA, EMT, and many more badge buddies.  We also have the option of having custom printed badge buddies made up to your specs for any roll you may have in our hospital or corporate environment.   Please just contact us online or give us a call for more information.

There is no modification needed to your current photo ID to use a badge buddy!  The bade buddies come already slot punched so they can be attached to your current badge reel, lanyard or ID Card clip.


12 thoughts on “Hospital Badge Buddies, Nurse, LPN and Doctor Badge Buddy

  1. Tami Keenlance

    I can’t find where the CNA badge buddy can be ordered online. I only find the NA badge buddy. Please advise.

  2. John Mc Millen

    Would it be possible to have: Medic Student EMT Basic Student Advance Basic Student printed on these tags ?
    If possible I would like to get sample of each and place these on our student ID’s to help identify their level. We would be looking at 150-200 students per year. Possible adding to our nursing programs as well.
    If you could please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.


  3. Patrick Post author

    Thanks John, I will be contacting you shortly. We can print any design/text on the badge buddies based on your specific needs.

  4. Patrick Post author

    For custom orders 25 or more, we can make any badge buddy you would like. If you only need a few, I can try to bring these back in and make them available online with no minimum. Thanks!

  5. Patrick Post author

    We can completely customize any of the badge buddies. For the custom orders, there is a 25pc minimum. Call us or send a message from our website for more info.

  6. Corliss Lewis

    I need 25 different badges, nurse midwife,
    Nurse practioneer,lab,clerk etc can you do this? Not 25 of the same badge for a clinic

  7. Patrick Post author

    Hi Corliss,

    The minimum is 25 per custom style. We can do any custom badge buddies, but not less than 25 of any style at a time. Let me know if I can help with this.



  8. Danielle

    I was looking for badge buddies that say RN, OCN. Could these be customized and how much would they cost?

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