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Custom Printed Badge Buddy Card Identifiers

Custom Printed Badge BuddyCustom Printed Badge Buddy Card Identifiers

Specialist ID now offers custom printed badge buddies to accompany your existing ID card. If you are looking to order online, please see our custom badge buddy ordering page here. If you would like more information, please, keep reading. Our badge buddies are available in both vertical and horizontal format.

Custom Badge Buddies are a great way to help easily identify key personnel within your hospital, school, business, or other professional setting, where accurate identification is important to your staff and customers.

Ordering custom badge buddies is easy. All we need is the following information:
1. Quantity (Minimum of 25 per custom design)
2. Vertical (2-1/8″ x 4-1/2″) or Horizontal (3-3/32″ X 3-3/8″)
3. Choose the background color and custom text

Badge buddies are worn underneath your existing ID to provide instant roll recognition. Our badge buddies are compatible with all standard credit card size ID badges, and have your custom printing on both sides of the card, so your text will be visible even if the ID is flipped around. All of our badge buddies are fully laminated and come pre slot punched so they are ready to be put to use immediately. Simply unsnap your existing ID from the strap clip, and slip it through the badge buddy of your existing ID to make all your wildest identification dreams come true.
We can fully customize your badge buddies to fit your liking! For example, some of our customers like to include custom information on the back of their badge buddy holders. If you would like to include facility or RACE codes, or any other special text on the back of your Custom Printed Badge Buddy, you will be able to provide that information after checkout. You can also choose the Color, Text, and leave us any Special Instructions.

Some of our more popular badge buddies are:
Physician” Roll Identifier Cards
Doctor” Recognition Cards
NA” (Nurse Assistant) Roll Cards
LPN” (Licensed Nurse Practitioner)
”Student” Recognition Badge Backs
”Contractor” Badge Identifiers

If you would like more information about custom printed badge buddies, please just give us a call at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online.

6 thoughts on “Custom Printed Badge Buddy Card Identifiers

  1. Deborah Filos

    Looking for pricing in horizontal badge buddy with identifier: STUDENT
    for our nursing program students when in clinical settings.
    please include cost, time window for processing and delivery.
    Thank You,
    Deb RN, MSN
    Assistant Clinical Professor
    Department of Nursing
    University of xxxx

  2. Stella Williams

    Would like some information on getting badge buddies that can show a process on them. That would mean printing on the fron and back with a title on the bottom. Do you do that typye of thing???

  3. Patrick

    We can completely customize the entire card with any information that you would like. Let me know if I can help with this.


  4. adriana

    Hi , I would like a quote on horizontal RN in blue 100. and 250 MD in blue. Please quote shipping charges and delivery time.

    Thank you,


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