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EK iCat Hang It Carabiner iPhone Leash

Keep your iPhone close with a lanyardSafety, Security And Sleekness For Your iPhone

In a previous era, we were accustomed to carrying bag-loads of our possessions from place to place, whether we were traveling on an overseas trip or simply making our daily commute to work or school. We kept photos of loved ones in our wallets, played our music on CD players, and invited friends and family over to view home movies of our last family vacation.

Thanks to today’s modern technology, we no longer have to carry so many things with us during our daily routine. Our phones now play music, store as many of our photos as we like, and play videos – not to mention perform complex math computations, remind us of appointments, provide the time and date, wake us up, allow us to enjoy video games – and of course, make a phone call or two.

As the use of iPhones, iPods, and the iTouch becomes more widespread, so do the troubling accounts of loss, theft and damage. With the convenience of having something so small and portable — and at the same time so useful and multi-functional — comes the increased risk of leaving it behind in a harried moment, accidentally dropping it in a wet patch, or worse yet, having a stranger quietly remove it –- and all your personal data inside — with one quick move. Oftentimes, it seems as though the only solution to keeping your electronic valuables safe is to keep them handcuffed to your wrist, stuffed deep in your pocket or purse, or secured in a bulky, cumbersome carrying case. Of course, this idea doesn’t take into account that the main purpose of even owning a phone is to be able to receive calls in a timely manner – not easy to do if you’re digging through the bottom or your bag (or trying to find the key to unlock your handcuff)!

With the iCat EK iCat “Hang It” Carabiner iPhone Leash, it’s now possible for your iPhone, iPod or iTouch to remain close at hand, easily accessible, secure and fashionable-looking. EK Ekcessories, the 28-year-old leader in Identification and Electronics accessories, has done it again: produced an iPhone/ iPod holder that is sleek, unique, and convenient — and protects your valuable assets.

Both the carabiner and the soft 100% nylon webbing are strong, durable, and versatile, allowing you to attach your iPhone to a belt loop, rucksack, messenger bag strap or pocketbook. The attachment – compatible with any Apple 30 pin connector – keeps your iPhone connector covered and safe from dust, dirt, water, or other foreign matter. Simply plug in the 30-pin connector into your i-phone , hook the carabiner onto your carrier or belt loop, tuck your iPhone into your pocket or purse, and travel worry-free!

We currently stock it in both dark navy blue and bright orange (with more colors on the way), the iCat “Hang It” Carabiner iPhone Leash secures your iPhone or iPod to your body or purse, so you never have to worry about your phone getting lost, misplaced or stolen. Your data is safe, whether you choose to hop on a train, tour the city or hike the great outdoors. The connector fits securely into your iPhone, but the break-safe design allows it to detach if your phone is pulled excessively, in order to avoid damage to your iPhone port. The 60mm leash comes with a secure-lock buckle attached to the carabiner, allowing you easy access to your phone without having to remove it from its attachment.

The sturdy, safe, fashionable and ever-versatile iCat “Hang It” Carabiner iPhone Leash works with any mobile electronic device with an Apple 30-pin connector, and is therefore an Apple-Approved electronic accessory. However, it’s important to note that it is NOT recommended for iPads, because of its size – although one could reasonably argue that with an item as large as an iPad, a phone leash hardly seems practical or necessary anyway. Nevertheless, for an attractive, durable, sturdy leash to keep your iPhone safe and your mind at ease, you can’t do better than the iCat “Hang It” Carabiner iPhone Leash.

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