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Evolis R3011 Printer Ribbon Sale

Evolis R3011 Printer Ribbons on SaleThe Evolis R3011 Printer Ribbon is on sale for April!  Just add the Evolis R3011 to your shopping cart online at www.specialistid.com and you will see our low price.  Then, at checkout, enter the promo code “R3011″ and you get an additional 5$ off each ribbon you order throughout the entire month of April!

The Evolis R3011 is a 5-panel, full color ribbon.  It yields 200 prints per ribbon (assuming you are printing full color on one side of the ID badge).  Each print uses one panel of each color Y(ellow) M(agenta) C(yan) to create the color image, and then lays the K(Solid Black) panel for black text, and then finally the O(Clear overlay panel to protect the card).   

The Evolis YMCKO R3011 Ribbon is compatible with the Pebble, and Dualys ID Card Printers.  Remember that when you change your ribbon, it is also a great time to clean your printer.  Cleaning the printer is also required to maintain your warranty, so be sure to do it at a bare minimum, when the cleaning light lights up on your printer.  To protect your print-head, I strongly recommend you get into the habit of cleaning it more often.  You can use either the Evolis A5011 or A5021 cleaning kits to accomplish this simple task.

If you have any questions about the Evolis R3011 Ribbon, cleaning your Evolis Printer, or any other Photo ID related questions, please contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-380-6726.

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