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eMedia Software – How to get out of Demo Mode with Evolis Pebble or Dualys

Demo Mode eMedia Card DesignerAre you using Evolis Pebble or Evolis Dualy’s with eMedia software? Then you have access to the eMedia standard version. Follow these 4 simple steps to adjust your eMedia Card Designer software from running Demo Mode.

1) Make sure that you are in Design mode, and then click on the DEMO icon (blue circle below and to the right of the help selection).

2) You will see a screen of information concerning demonstration mode, and an option to Enter demonstration mode, or Disable demonstration Mode. To get out of Demo mode, click Disable demonstration Mode button.

3) Switch to operating mode by clicking on file, and then clicking where it says “Print Setup”.

4) Scroll down and select Evolis Pebble or Evolis Dualys depending on which one you are using. CAUTION: IT is extremely important not to rename the printer driver, because it may cause an error!

Congratulations, if you followed these 4 easy steps correctly, you have successfully manipulated your device to print without demonstration, and the message saying the license is expired will no longer appear.

Printers that don’t use Evolis Pebble or Evolis Dualys only have a 30 day demo period and therefore can not be taken out of demo mode following these 4 steps. This software is limited on the Evolis Tattoo 2, Evolis Quantum, Evolis Securion, or anything that is not Evolis Pebble or Evolis Dualys.

The eMedia card software is included free with the Evolis Dualys and Pebble Card Printers.  The trial version is included with the tattoo, Securion and Quantum.  If the included free software does not have all of the options you need, please contact us for alternative software options that can take your printing to the next level.

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