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Retractable Badge Clips

Retractable ID Badge ClipsRetractable Badge Clips are a great way to keep all of the light items including your Photo ID and tools you use most often handy. We carry a large selection of these retractable clips online!

If you are like most people, you like to have certain items at your fingertips. For many, this includes their keys, cell phone, flash light and their identification badge. Having your ID and other small items within reach can save you time and effort. A readily available badge or mini flash light will eliminate the stress and frustration that can be associated with finding a concealed badge or lost tools.
Employers want to guarantee safety, privacy and honesty, so identification badges are often used as an effective tool that is supposed to benefit employees and employers. Identification badges should not be cumbersome and get in the way. When this is the case, badges can sometimes feel like a chore. When wearing an id badge becomes a task, this can defeat the purpose and discourage employees from wearing and using them appropriately.

Using a retractable badge clip is a great way to affix your identification badge to any garment or bag. Presenting your identification badge should not take a great deal of time. Retractable badge clips conveniently allow you to display and access your identification card quickly. You will not have to dig in your pocket, wallet or purse in order to swipe or scan your ID card.
You can attach your ID badge to your clothing, belt or purse strap by utilizing the swivel spring clip, belt clip, or carabiner which are all standard options for ID badge reels. Within the reel housing is a durable, retractable cord that extends and retracts when you pull or release. By pulling the cord, the ID badge that has been hooked to the clear vinyl strap can reach scanners, time clocks, barcode or magnetic strip readers. The information from your identification card can be read without removing the retractable badge clip from its position.
Badge clips and reels help to reduce the occurrence of damage to and loss of your id badge. By keeping your badge attached to you, this can decrease the possibility of dropping your badge. A badge that remains secure will not endure the extensive wear and tear that comes with housing a badge elsewhere. It can be easy to lose or misplace an ID badge as well. Being that ID badges are normally small in size and slender, an ID badge can easily slip into a crevice or get lost in a pile of laundry. A retractable badge clip or badge reel can prevent this by fastening tightly to any object you desire.

The swivel back retractable badge clip can rotate 360°, providing endless attachment possibilities. You can hang your badge from the bottom of your shirt, your pocket or even your necklace. Several badge reels and clips are offered in a number of different style and color options and are sure to fashionably accompany any outfit in your wardrobe. Our carabiner retractable  reels are very popular and can attach to belt loops, bags, fanny packs and more.  Specialist ID offers many different retractable badge clips that can make your life a little easier. Don’t worry about where to keep your ID. Retractable badge clips can be attached to a variety of things so that you can secure your ID badge when you are at work and even when you’re not.

If you have any questions about our retractable badge clips and reels, please give us a call at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online!

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