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Key-Bak Retractable Carabiner #6CID USA Made Retractable ID Badge Reel

Heavy Duty American Made Carabiner Badge HolderQuickly gaining enormous respect, our Key-Bak Retractable Carabiner is a becoming a dominating product in the badge reel world, simply because it will last through just about anything you throw its way. The reason this product has gained so much attention revolves around the extremely durable 1 3/4″ (44 mm) diameter polycarbonate case, which is smaller than the larger Key-Baks (overall reel length is about 6″ at rest), yet tough enough that it reminds me of a mini hockey puck. It’s strong nylon cord extends to a very long 36″ (90 mm), so it should reach almost on entire arms length when retracted, and holds a smooth a 6 oz  (170 gm) retraction force which will perfectly accomodate up to 5 keys or can be used to carry multiple identification cards at once.  The nylon cord is the type of cord that would be used by a military parachute, so it is extremely tough.

This compact badge holder is often the first choice for people who appreciate a well built (made in USA) premium product, as well as travelers, and other active people. The carabineer clip attachment provides each user with flexibility to place the badge reel in more than only one location, and it’s convenient to be able to attach a carabineer to your belt loop, hiking backpack, or whatever else you can wrap this device around, and have the confidence that it’s not going to fall apart after a few bumps. It’s clear nylon stap clip will keep your Photo ID positioned securely in place, assuring reliability at all times. But it would be a shame if we let you believe that this carabiner attachment only holds keys and badge reels, because you can also use this amazing product to carry  small tools (weighing less than 6oz), giving you more opportunity to accomodate this reel to suit your unique needs, which means you can get versatile functionality from this tool.

All of the features that have gone into the construction of this device have been inspired by the greatest designs of some of the most popular badge reels in the industry, making this compact badge holder arguably one of the toughest, and certainly one of the most requested retractable reels that we carry in our store. The #6CID, as well as all the other Key-Bak products in our store  are proudly made in the USA and come with a lifetime service policy.  Yes,  you can trust that this Retractable Carabiner is strong enough to be with you till the end of your journey. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 1-800-380-6726, or reach us online here.

If this article didn’t answer all of your questions, hopefully this video will answer any other questions you might have about the Key-Bak #6ID.

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