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Key-Bak Retractable Key Rings, (available online starting as low as 8.99 online)

If you are like most people you have on one (or several) occasions lost your keys. There are little things that you can find more inconveniencing than looking around to realize that your keys are nowhere to be found. You pat your pockets, no luck. Check your purse, no luck finding them there either. You don’t remember going into the refrigerator at any point but you take a look there too just for good measure, still nothing. By this time you’re fed up and it’s likely that you’re running late. You take a moment to regroup so that you may re-track your steps. Feels like you’re getting somewhere but when you look in the last place that you thought they likely could have been you still come up short. You give up. If you, like most people, are currently on the go, pausing for a key search simply does not fit into your schedule. You are looking for convenience in all things and the placement of your keys is no exception. You think to yourself that there must be a way to avoid key loss hassle in the near future, and there is with Key-Bak Retractable Key Rings!

Key-Bak Retractable Key Rings are the best, simply put!  So many people in correctional institutions, hospitals, maintenance,  janitors and building managers rave about the quality and usability of Key-Bak products. Gone are the days of digging into pockets, un-hooking and un-latching, and dealing with cheap broken reels and lost keys. Now when looking for your keys you simply look down because they are right there, attached at your hip.  Here’s some advice for you: once you attach your keys to your hip using the key-bak retractable key ring, keep it there. Key-Bak key rings feature the toughest cords and chains and also have an extended reach, this way you can open a door and turn a lock directly from your hip, knowing your keys will retract right back into place for the next lock.

Retractable key rings by Key-Bak are proudly made in the USA and are built to last. The makers over at Key-Bak have been manufacturing retractable key and tool reels for over 60 years and really know their products and their customers. You are looking for a key ring that is built to last, corrosion resistance and allows extended reach, day in and day out. You’ll be happy to know that the makers at Key-Bak stand so firmly by their product that they offer a lifetime service policy for all retractable key ring products.

There are different versions of the retractable key ring by Key-Bak currently available to you.

The largest, reel, with the most key carrying capacity is the Key-Bak S48 Key Reel.  This reel can hold up to 25 keys and still have the force to retract them (8-10 oz).  The reel also can be locked into place so even heavier key rings can still be held into place.  It features a tough 48″ Kevlar cord, and a belt clip.

The standard sized Key-Bak Reels are available in many options.  A popular option is the Key-Bak #5 and the #5b in black.  These retractable key reels feature 24″ stainless steel chains and are perfect for holding keys or small tools.  If you prefer a longer Kevlar cord, take a look at the Key-Bak 485-HDK or the 483-HDK, both feature a 48″ Kevlar cord, however, the 485 has a belt clip; the 483 has a belt loop.

If you would like a smaller, more discreet holder, the model 6 may be the reel for you.  The model 6 reels are smaller in size and come in many different options.  The model #6 key reel, the model #6C carabiner key reel, or the #6ID ID badge holder and the #6CID carabiner ID badge holder.

If you have any questions about our Key-Bak retractable products, please contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-380-6726.

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