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Key-Bak Retractable Key Chains

Key-Bak Retractable Key ChainsSpecialist ID is happy to announce that we now carry the entire line of Key-Bak Retractable Key Chains, Reels and Badge Holders.

Throughout the next days and weeks to come, we will be adding more and more of the best US made Key-Back self retracting reels available.  We will be offering competitive pricing and no minimum orders on all of our top selling Key-Bak products.

The original Key-Bak self retracting reel was made in 1948 by West Coast Chain Manufacturing Co.’s founder, W.R. Lummis.  He was working on the Pacific Electric Railway in L.A. when he saw co-workers injured by having their keys caught by moving trains.  He had an idea to keep the keys retracted safely by the wearers side, and this idea turned into the Key-Bak Retractable Key Reel!

All of our Key-Bak Retractable Reels are proudly made in the USA.  High quality, rugged construction is the major underlying theme behind all of the Key-Bak products.  The products really cater to professionals, in the following fields:  Law enforcement/security, medical, maintenance/construction and welding, sporting and outdoors, hardware, and high volume casinos, hotels/restaurants and companies that value American craftsmanship and quality over inexpensive imports.

As of the time of this article, we currently have three of our Key-Bak Reels online, and we have over 13 products in stock.  We will be constantly expanding this line, so be sure to check back with us frequently:

The Key-Bak Model 6 is a A mid size self retracting reel smaller and more discreet than the Original Model #5 and with more carrying capacity than the popular line of MINI-BAK reels. This rugged reel with key ring has a 36″ nylon cord and swivel clip. It holds up to 6 keys or other items and is great at work or at play!

The Super 48 Key Reel is larger than the model 6 and has a locking mechanism for holding heavier items securely into place and holds up to 25 keys.   It features a Kevlar cord that extends 48″ is nearly indestructible quick-draw extension makes this KEY-BAK® faster, easier to use, and holds more keys.

The Key-Bak SecureIt Self Retracting Geer Reel #488B is an all purpose carabiner that can attach to almost anything.  This is a great all weather, all purpose retractor for the person who demands the best quality and reliability available. The tough Kevlar® Cord extends 48″ and can be used to keep your keys, ID, GPS, flashlight or whatever you may need handy.

If you have any questions about our Key-Back Retractable reels, please give us a call at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online.

2 thoughts on “Key-Bak Retractable Key Chains

  1. Carol Van Alen

    I have a very old Key-Bak — my father, Oscar Hult, was making some part of these Key-Baks for Mr. Lummis in his tool and die business in Pasadena, CA in the 40’s. This Key-Bak was in his collection of stuff and I wondered if anyone is interested in having it?
    Carol Van Alen

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