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Heavy Duty Retractable ID Badge Reels

Heavy Duty Badge Reels

Heavy duty badge reels are ideal for heavy industry jobs such as construction, factory manufacturing, warehouse jobs, and other highly physical occupations. You’ll want a reel that can stand up to that kind of work, and something that won’t get caught on heavy machinery or damaged from a bit of rough wear and tear. While some heavy duty styles may be bulkier or heavier to carry, it is worth it because they are designed to withstand rugged jobs and can also withstand being pulled many times a day.

The use of identification badges is becoming more and more widespread, due to better security procedures in top companies. Technology has granted businesses the ability to keep timekeeping records through an electronic system instead of outdated cards or paper, and tight security is often achieved with the method of swiping or scanning ID badges. However, ID badges can easily become lost with the use of standard clips. Many people clip them onto their shirts or slip them into their pockets, where they can easily fall out or be left on an article of clothing. Over the neck lanyards can be a distraction, causing the badge to become tangled, constantly turn around backwards, or become caught on a piece of dangerous equipment.

Retractable badge reels are the perfect solution to keeping your identification badges safe from loss, damage, and destruction. They also offer convenience in the form of a strong, firm clip and a retractable cord that allows for the card to be pulled and released at any time, keeping the badge close to your person and easily usable. Specialist ID offers many different varieties and styles of badge reels, some with specialized no-twist features, and others with different clip styles. When it comes to heavy duty retractable badge reels, specialistid.com has many premium choices.

The Super Heavy Duty chrome badge reel is one of the toughest available. Reinforced with attractive, smooth metal, this badge reel will stand up to the toughest of use. It contains a strong vinyl strap and even locks into position when retracted for safety. This kind of badge is best for a construction-style or hard labor type job, and it easily clips onto any belt loop or pocket, and is 2 inches in diameter with a 40 inch pull length.

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter or smaller, there are several simple black/chrome heavy duty reels available at half an inch smaller in diameter with a 24 inch pull length. Constructed of black front and chrome back, these reels include a slide-style belt clip and reinforced vinyl strap. The unique thing about these reels is that they are available in nylon, steel, or chain cords for maximum durability. Even restaurant servers find themselves having to swipe their cards into a POS system a huge number of times daily, and a heavy duty badge reel will guarantee little to no wear and tear after so many pulls. You can even opt for heavy duty retractable key ring, for attachment to perhaps a set of keys or anything else you can think of!

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