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Heart Shaped Retractable Reels

Popular Heart Reels, Great for Hospitals, Day Care and SchoolsWhether you are working in a hospital or just playing “Cupid” for Valentine’s Day, our heart shaped reels are the perfect accessory to your otherwise boring ID badge.  Due to overwhelming demand from customers looking for a place to order heart reels with no minimum order, we have brought in all of the hearts we could find and now have five different styles to choose from.

All of our heart badge reels have a swivel spring clip on the back.  This clip can attach to almost anything and works very similar to an alligator clip.  Once attached, the reel can spin a full 360 degrees, making for a very smooth pull in any direction.  The swivel clip is popular in hospitals as it can attach to scrubs, as well as belts, pockets, bag straps and more.

All of our heart reels have a 34″ nylon retractable cord which allows you to extend your ID badge when showing to a person or while swiping through a card reader.  Rated for up to 100,000 pulls, our badge reels are designed to last a long time under normal conditions.  The vinyl strap clip can attach to any slot punched ID Card or almost any of our badge holders, making this an ideal companion for both.

Currently we stock the plain white, pink and translucent red heart reels as well as the “Awareness” pink ribbon heart reels, also in pink and white.  Enjoy the video below and be sure to leave us a comment if we can help you find anything or answer questions.

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