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Green Retractable Badge Reel & Reinforced Vinyl Strap Clip

Green Badge ReelOur green retractable badge reel with a reinforced vinyl strap clip (P/N 2120-3004) is now available and on sale on our website. This badge reel features a 34″ retractable cord and is rated for 100,000 pulls.  The standard belt clip makes it easy for clipping onto your belt or pocket for easy access to your Photo ID Badge or other small objects.

This reel is particularly popular in businesses and restaurants that have green in their company color scheme (just like us)!  Badge reels make it easy to access Point of Sale terminals found in restaurants, and also magnetic stripe readers on time clocks and doors.

The reinforced vinyl strap clip can slip through any badge holder or ID card that has been slot punched, and will hold up to lots of wear and tear since it has been reinforced (you can tell if a strap clip is reinforced from the vertical lines embedded into the vinyl).

As a unique service, Specialist ID offers a large selection of badge holders with no minimum order, so even if you only need a couple, we’ve got you covered.  Our low shipping rates make it worth while for large companies and individuals alike to order online.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-380-6726.


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