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Clear Badge Reels

Clear Badge Reels from Specialist IDClear badge reels are a popular accessory that work with most settings, no matter what your colors are.  We carry many popular styles with no minimum order, so whether you are looking for just 1 or a whole lot more, you can count on us.

The clear badge reel with swivel back and strap clip (P/N 2120-7621)  has a neat swivel hook that attaches to pretty much any garment and allows for a smooth pull at any angle.  This reduces wear on the nylon cord and the reel itself.  The holder can freely rotate continuously in a full 360 degrees and is rated for 100,000 pulls in the field.  This reel is popular in hospitals, corporate settings, as well as restaurants and other locations where a swipe card or photo ID needs to pass through a reader on a daily basis.

Carabiner Badge reels are also quite popular.  They are also very rugged and tend to last a long time in the field.   We have a clear badge reel with carabiner attachment that works real well when you need to attach your badge reel to a belt loop or a strap of some sort.  This reel is also rated for 100,000 pulls and can hold up in the most demanding conditions, such as busy restaurants, hospitals and corporate/government settings. 

We also carry the clear badge reel with standard belt clip (P/N 2120-3600) which is very similar to our clear reel with swivel hook, the only difference being that the belt clip cannot rotate freely.

If you have any questions about our ID Badge reels, or any other photo ID related questions, please feel free to contact us online or give us a  call at 1-800-380-6726.

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