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The Naked Wonder of a Clear Vinyl Strap Clip, (2105-2000)

The simple and popular ID Strap ClipNowadays it seems like everybody’s selling something adorned with bells and whistles that’ll put someone on their mettle; if you’re anything like me you favor things that are simple and straight to the point.  This is why after setting my sights on the Clear Vinyl Strap Clip (2105-2000), not only did I breathe a huge sigh of relief, but in that moment all the city pollution, motor noise, and fast food joints surrounding our warehouses in Miami, Florida seemed to lay down their petulance as my eyes beheld the beautiful simplicity of this clear 2 hole vinyl strap clip for the first time.

The 2105-2000 (AKA 2105-1993) doesn’t have the usual bells and the whistles that tend to clutter and confuse buyers.  It’s strength comes from its ease of use, simplicity and price.  In three swift movements I slid my standard slot punched ID card through the clear vinyl strap, buttoned the it closed, and pinched the clip on to my t-shirt, and spent the next day walking around the office rocking my ID badge like Mick Jagger (1960’s version).

One of the perks I thoroughly enjoyed from this vinyl strap clip was the non intrusive nature of it. Instead of wearing my ID on a lanyard around my neck that falls on my face every time I lean over to pick up some boxes from the lower shelves, or sporting it on a belt clip that makes my shirt stick out all funny, my clear vinyl strap clip made it look like Casper the friendly ghost was holding up my ID all day. carry a large selection of standard strap clips, all for a great price. Folks like me that are trying to pinch their pennies and get more bang for the buck will enjoy being able to afford a product that offers high value at an economical cost. With no minimum order and prices starting at 12 cents a pop and discounts quickly kicking in when you order in larger quantities, it’s no wonder strap clips are the top selling badge accessory out there.

If you like the minimalistic design of this 2 hole vinyl strap clip, I suggest you check out the other Stap Clip’s available at Specialist ID so you can pick the one that’ll suit you best. With various colors, and lengths to choose from, there’s sure to be the perfect clip for you.

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