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SkimSAFE Shielded Card RFID Blocking ID Card Holder

RFID Blocking SkimSAFE two ID Card HolderIf you are looking to purchase SkimSAFE RFID blocking holders online, please see our SkimSAFE product page here. If you would like to find out more about these tough Made in America, FIPS 201 holders, please read on.

Here in the 21st century, we are more susceptible to thievery than ever before, and if you value your privacy, and do not want your sensitive information to be easily accessible by RFID technology, the SkimSAFE Shielded ID badge holders are great way to achieve the security you are looking for.  While taking your card out of the holder to read your card may seem like an extra step, the security trade off may be well worth it.  The SkimSAFE card holders make it easy to slide your card partially out of the holder, read the card, and then just slip it back into place where the card locks in tightly.

The single Card RFID Blocking ID Card Holder (AH-200 or 153095BLU) accommodates one standard credit card sized RFID card, with the front of the card remaining visible. This item is important for people needing to secure their information, because the Shielded Blocking ID Card Holder blocks any unwanted communication both to and from the card while the card is in the SkimSAFE Shielded RFID Blocking ID Card Holder, preventing the information on your card’s chip from being read by an unauthorized RFID reader.  (see this article about RFID skimming)

We also have the SkimSAFE Shielded two card RFID blocking ID Card holder (p/n AH-210 or 153039BLU), which accommodates two standard credit card sized RFID cards (one for the front and one for the back), and it provides the same amount of privacy and security as the SkimSAFE Shielded Single Card RFID Blocking ID Card Holder, so you don’t have to concern yourself with it’s effectiveness.

To use the SkimSAFE Shielded RFID Blocking ID Card Holder, all you have to do is slide your card into the holder, and when it locks, you’ll be comfortable knowing that your information is safe. When you are near your reader and want to allow your card to be read, simply slide your card partially out of the holder and the card will communicate with the reader as if it were never protected. Yes, it’s that simple and that trustworthy. You can hang these vertically or horizontally, and they are proudly made in the USA. Check them out and contact us if you have any questions.

If  don’t need to block your RFID card but you love the design on these holders, you are not alone. For this very reason we carry an almost  identical card holder, but without the shielding.  Please see our AH-075 single badge holder and our AH-150 two card holders.

As always, if you have any questions about any of our RFID technology cards and holders or other photo ID accessories, please feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-380-6726.

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