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Rigid ID Badge Holder AH-075

Single ID Card Holder AH-075Our single, rigid ID card holder (AH-075), and the dual rigid ID card holder (AH-150), are a popular choice with the military, and other organizations that need a rigid, versatile holder that accommodates one or photo ID badges.  Much of its popularity with the military, is its dark black color which looks good with any of the military uniforms, and does not attract attention to the badge holder.  The light weight and great price are two other qualities that make this holder so popular.

The AH-075 and AH-150 both have slot holes on both sides, allowing you to hang your ID either vertical or horizontally, which makes this rigid card holder quite versatile whether you have a portrait or landscape ID design.  Your ID badge locks securely in place, although the badge is still easy to insert and remove.


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