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Plastic ID Badge Holders

Plastic Card HoldersIf you were issued an ID badge it is safe to assume that this badge is of some level of importance, if not very important. Many companies have opted to use ID badges and access cards as a way to either identify company personnel and differentiate those belonging to the company and visitors and/or to access doors, computers and more. Not only are ID badges used to identify those that work for a particular company, they are also used to identify different departments within a company. ID badges create an order and offer safety to companies, schools, hospitals, etc. The use of these badges allows personnel to identify who belongs where and when, and what access they should have. The absence of identification can create chaos that would otherwise be easily avoidable. Imagine if anyone could stroll in and out of our schools and businesses unidentified. You can already see the potential mayhem. So, it’s established, the use of proper identification is a great thing. The issue now would be keeping up with the identification cards once they’re issued.

Here is where plastic ID badge holders come into play. There are several benefits to using plastic ID badge holders; the most obvious benefit being convenience. With a badge holder your ID can be safely stored away and accessed whenever necessary. Gone are the days of fumbling in your pockets, digging through purses, or reaching for wallets in search for your ID. With a plastic ID badge holder your ID is readily accessible.

Another benefit of a clear plastic ID badge holders is that the badge may be seen through the plastic without being removed from the holder. You want to be careful to keep your ID inside the holder at all times. Leaving your ID out of  the holder is the quickest way to lose it. Once you’ve placed your ID in the badge holder, keep it there. Unless you are using a shielded holder, or magnetic stripe or bar-codes, your card can be read through the holder. If you must remove your card to scan it, be sure that after scanning your card is immediately returned to the holder.

Plastic ID badge holders come in several different forms. Depending on your need for use and visibility of the card will determine the plastic ID badge holder that is best suiting for you. If you are in the medical profession perhaps you will like that Pocket Protector w/ID Badge Holder. With this ID badge holder you simply slide your ID into the slot, the ID is visible through the plastic front and you insert the pocket protector into your pocket and out of your way.

There is also the Clear Vinyl Vertical Name Badge Size W/ Slot & Chain Holes. This is a more traditional badge holder with the slot clip at the top for you to attach the clip that you find most suiting. This badge holder also has a plastic front so that your identification may be recognized without removing your ID from the holder.

If you are working with a government agency you may want or need a Rigid Shielded holder which protects your ID badge data from being read while in the holder.

For more information on Plastic ID badge holders visit our website at www.SpecialistID.com or give us a call at 1-800-380-6726.

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