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Nascar Championship Coming to Miami FL and We Have Your Ticket Holders!

It’s NASCAR Championship time again!  As every year, the championship race is in our back yard, the Miami Homestead Speedway.   We have our tickets and our ticket holders ready… do you?  The tickets this year measure 7″ in length by 4″ Wide, with the receipt portion still attached.  Rip the perforated receipt off and the ticket is 7″ L X 2 3/8″ W.

Our 4X7.5″ Ticket holders (2,500 currently in stock in Miami) along with any of our popular lanyards (I chose the RED white and Blue USA lanyards four ours)  is the perfect race companion.  Keep your hands free at the race, ticket out, and hang it up for a souvenir after the event is over.

We are located about 40 minutes north of the speedway, and with UPS it is a 1 day delivery anywhere in the state of Florida.  We will also be at the race, with 14 friends and employees going to the race, leave us a comment or send us a message with any questions.

NASCAR Ticket Size HoldersNASCAR Ticket Holder

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