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Vinyl Badge Holders from Specialist IDClear Vinyl Badge Holder

There is no time like the present to improve the safety of your company. A major technique for that is to require your employees to visibly wear an identification badge. Identification badges have fast become a standard at most businesses in a variety of industries. Many employers require their employees to wear identification cards to protect themselves, their employees and their customers. School teachers, bus drivers, and federal employees must all wear identification badges for safety reasons.

The purpose of an id badge is so that people can visually determine who you are and what your appropriate title or position is. An ID badge can also be used as a time keeping tool and cash flow monitor for employers that use digital electronic record systems. The benefits of using an identification badge far outweigh the reasons not to implement their use.

If you decide to include ID badges in your business, be sure to use a quality badge holder to protect the badge. Specialist ID offers many vinyl badge holders to suit the needs of your company. The Standard Clear Vinyl ID Badge Holder Horizontal is designed to display cards with a horizontal design layout. This light weight holder will not add any physical strain. The badge holder is comprised of clear vinyl, providing optimal visibility. The Standard Clear Vinyl ID Badge Holder – Vertical will protect badges from wear and tear. Suitable for vertical hanging, this badge holder is perfect for badges that have been formatted vertically. The clear vinyl is extremely durable.

The Clear Vinyl Badge Holder with Zipper – Vertical also hangs vertically. This badge can house credit card size ID badges. The badge is inserted from the top and then is completely enclosed when zipped shut. When closed, the red horizontal zipper at the top prevents the ID badge from being exposed to moisture and dirt. The Clear Vinyl Badge Holder with Zipper – Horizontal can keep your badge secure and dry. The high quality vinyl can resist dents and scratches. As with the vertical version, this badge features a zipper at the top for added protection.

All of the clear vinyl badges from Specialist ID are designed with a slot and chain holes on either side of the slot. The slot and holes are located at the top of each badge holder. If desired, you may require that your employees attach a vinyl strap, lanyard or neck chain. These options will allow your employees to wear their badge in a way that is comfortable for them. As an employer, however, you may determine which method is best for the needs of your company’s safety.

In environments that are very active and hazardous, a neck chain or lanyard may not be the best option. These options can become a danger if they hang and get caught in a bad spot. The vinyl clip or our vinyl armband ID badge holders allow workers to keep their ID badge holder out of the way for convenience and safety. Specialist ID offers many ID badge accessories that can help you push your company to the highest level of security.

If you have any questions about the badge holders discussed in this article, or any other photo ID related questions, please call us at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online.

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