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Wear your heart badge reels

IMG_8544rThe lovely month of February is here… Love is in the air and hopefully all around us. I prefer to wear my heart on my sleeve…or belt loop… or pocket… or scrubs… you get it! right?  With a heart shaped badge reel of course!

There are so many ways to say, show and feel love. In case you need some ideas, I liked these 8 simple ways to show love without words ~ check it out!

Our variety in color and style for heart shaped badge reels is all year round appropriate and functional so you can give a gift that lasts! For that special someone or the whole staff, a heart shape badge reel expresses love and might bring on a smile :) We do Valentine’s Day Holiday Badge Baskets for your gift giving pleasure.

Happy Valentine’s Month from all of us to all of you!

Be Organized and Stay Connected 2016

0KB1-0A21-3TA New Year is here and whether you have made some “New Years Resolutions” or not, its always a good time to be organized and stay connected.

We are the experts in keeping you organized and connected with your badge holding accessories. Our options are variety, durability, style and functional for all your professional and personal needs.

Lanyards make it easy to grab and go, carrying and displaying your basic essentials such as work photo ID badge and/or office keys or to keep your USB flash drive handy and easily accessible. I personally have a separate lanyard for my spare house keys to wear when I walk my dog while pushing the baby stroller. Helps to carry when you don’t have pockets.

Badge reels securely hold multiple keys and badges for easy accessibility and retractable use when needed. Great for swiping a smart card or having multiple keys to carry at all times.

Our badge holders protect and secure your badges, photo IDs, smart cards, passports, tickets and convention passes. Whatever the need or size, we have you covered!



Three ID Badge Holder

1840-666X-2TBy request and in demand…. the answer to your multiple badge holding needs. The 3 ID B-Holder is finally here! Cool, rigid and secure badge holder to hold three ID Badges/Cards for easy retrieval and display.

Inspector type employees, such as TSA/FAA Airport, Federal Inspectors or Homeland Security will find this B-Holder to satisfy their multiple badge needs for work. One ID Badge is displayed in its own pocket while the other two cards are hidden behind in a second pocket. Two levers in the back of the case control which cards slide up for use, so either the one display card is chosen or the other two cards slide up together. So easy and simple and plain awesome!

Vertical or horizontal design with plastic lip to attach to your favorite lanyard. Pick your color and pick your cards!




“Dexter” Leather Badge Holder

1139-2TThis top of the line leather badge holder is ideal for law enforcement because it accommodates the pin-in hole metal badges typically associated with police, fire and security officers. It has also become popular from being worn by the TV character Dexter who wears this badge holder on the HBO hit series “DEXTER”.

So for a last minute Halloween costume idea, this would easily make you the legit Dexter and  it will be your quality badge holder for work, allowing for a standard credit card photo ID on one side and your pin-in-hole badge on the other. We have plenty of other top of the line leather badge holders for all your special sized badges.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness MonthOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so take this opportunity to remind the women you love to stay on top of their breast health!

Yearly clinical breast exams along with an overall physical and pelvic exams are recommended.

Keeping your immune system strong is always the best defense!

With Autumn weather approaching, a walk outdoors a few days a week for at least 30 minutes to get some exercise and de-stress the mind would help lower your risk. And don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet with fruits and veggies! Visit your local farmers market to get what’s in season and fresh!

Check here for local events to participate in. Wear your support with a breast cancer awareness lanyard or badge reel. Let’s all think good thoughts and not be another statistic!

College Lanyards

team spirit“with wide-eyed youths wearing their dorm room keys on lanyards” -Boston Daily

Yes! It is that time again for college students to move back into the dorms and game themselves for a studious, independent and unique college life experience.

With all the books, bags and stylish accessories to remember, don’t forget your keys and ID! We have your favorite school lanyard to keep those essential “key” items handy and organized.

Brightly colored and ready to grab on the go, this is one accessory that becomes your necessity as you are heading to class. Easy to wear and always in style. Without limitations, your lanyard can also hold your tickets to sporting events or concerts, USB flash drive and/or a mini flashlight.

Great gift idea for the college student or the supportive family back home!


Clear vertical locking badge holder

1840-6630-6TSecure your photo ID badges in this clear vertical locking badge holder. Best way to keep two credit card sized IDs visible and protected for a days work.

Badge holders extend the life of your ID credentials by protecting them from outdoor elements or bending and tearing. This particular locking badge holder adds that extra protection with the ability to lock in the IDs temporarily.

Sold separately is the key to unlock.

The locking plastic piece snaps into place and you are able to attach to your favorite lanyard or badge reel.

Back to School Badge Holders

SPID-2801-4TWith August approaching, getting back to school is around the corner. Now would be a good time to prepare and organize what school supplies you will need.

Get excited and make the best of it! “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

Prepare and organize mentally and physically to get a great start to a great year ahead. Our badge holding accessories can save you time in your search for your keys, ID and other small devices, you may need handy throughout the day.

Lanyards, badge reels, neck wallets and Witz cases are some of our light weight, credential holding devices that allow for quick accessibility and reliability for your important essentials. Keep your keys handy, your IDs from wear and tear and your USB memory stick or other electronics safe and secure.

We have a variety of stylish gear to best express your individuality. Gift your loved one with a little something to wish them a happy school year ahead.





Grateful Dead July 4th Concert Ticket Holder and Lanyard

Grateful Dead web2Hey Grateful Dead Head Fans! Hopefully you have or will be getting tickets to the Grateful Dead Members Final Performance is in Chicago July 3rd, 4th and 5th.

We have your clear acrylic vertical ticketkeeperz event ticket holder to preserve those special tickets while you proudly display them on your chosen lanyard.

Our ticket holders are the perfect size (8 1/2″ x 3 5/8″) to fit these particular concert tickets, so get them while they last!

Being July 4th weekend, might as well go all patriotic and wear your tickets on an American Flag lanyard. Be Grateful for great music and Independence Day!



Summer Cruising Lanyard for ID Badges and More!

VBH-H-ZIP-5TSummer is around the corner and for some fortunate families, it means summer vacation time! Whether it be summer camp for the kids or a summer cruise for the family, a handy lanyard, more like hands free lanyard, would be the perfect accessory to bring along to attach hotel keys, photo IDs, camp gear, etc.  Lanyards for ID badges plus so much more!

For summer camp, kids can wear safety breakaway lanyards to carry lightweight camp gear, whistles, a small light and/or photo ID card. That’s safety all around – literally! The safety breakaway feature allows for the lanyard to “break” apart if snagged or pulled, but it won’t break the lanyard or cause harm to your child’s neck.

For the family cruise, Wearing a lanyard and badge holder to hold and protect your “key to the world” card enables you to be hands free, without needing to carry a purse or wallet. That one card becomes all you need to get around the ship and make purchases.

We have plenty of cool, practical and comfortable lanyards to choose from in a variety of colors, along with standard ID sized badge holders from clear vinyl to colored badge holders. Color coordinate for the whole family or as an individual, but simplify your carrying load while having some summer fun!

P.S. Don’t forget your luggage tags!1840-620X-2T